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Should I release an Alpha of the mod?

  • Yes! I want the mod now!

    Votes: 20 57.1%
  • No. Wait until it's more complete.

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • Don't Care! Release it whenever you want

    Votes: 5 14.3%
  • Who cares! I'm not interested in this mod at all!

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@ca595 thanks for the sprites! I'll credit you for the ones I use
[doublepost=1478491529,1478491494][/doublepost]the page will be updated in a couple of hours, with all the sprite changes
for the few people who care, expect the next update to be around January or February. I just don't have the motivation that I once did to continue working on the mod, despite all the ideas I have for it.

Update! v0.1.1 (bit sooner than January or February)
- Updated to tmodloader v0.9.1
- Blood Cookie and Corrupt Cookie masks are now obtainable
- Added to the mod Browser
Ok this happened:
100 dowloads.PNG

100 downloads is a milestone I wasn't expecting in less than 24 hours. Expect an update in a week or less.
Instead of making the Cookie Addict npc a random fat guy, you could make it look like Cookie Monster.
Instead of making the Cookie Addict npc a random fat guy, you could make it look like Cookie Monster.
Probably could, but I haven't really put much thought into him. I may even do both and rename the fat guy. Also I should rename that section so people don't think it is a town NPC, as he's enemy. (I hope this made sense and wasn't too long)
v0.1.2: 100/500 Dowload Special!
Added a work-in-progress biome
Cookie Addict now spawns in the new biome
Added cookie trees (currently only grow at world gen)
The new sprites are great! But when it gets to the boss section they all go basic.
well, I'm no good at sprites and my spriter hasn't sprited a boss before then.
Well, I need spriters. I am no good and Monorifikal (my old spriter) hasn't spoken to me at all lately and I really want to bring out another update. @ca595 has been helpful with a few sprites, but I need someone who isn't working on so many mods. If you are interested, send me a PM (Private Message) and send me a few examples

Also, thank you for so many downloads! last I checked the mod had over 1000 total downloads and over 700 for the latest version. Thank! It really means a lot too me
Well, thought I should finally post these old recordings. Just going to be posting the ones I'm proud of on forums.
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