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tModLoader Corinna's Crazy Custom Content plus Corn (need more programmers)



Hello if you haven't met me already I am making a mod that plans to redesign nearly every aspect of the game and add many new details, gameplay, and mechanics that basically are a whole new game but fleshed out and still Terraria. I plan to add MUCH optional content to prehardmode, hardmode, and post moonlord content. Much of what I code will be original and in the end I will not rely much on the vanilla code in the game but I will still try to make it so you can play it through TmodLoader. I will focus on enhancing the aspects of combat, exploration, and the sandbox building aspect of the game which made me love playing Terraria to begin with. This may be a very long project but I will stick with it to the end - even if I have to do it all myself, but I'm really hoping for help from motivated programmers/spriters to make this dream come true.

I have been messing with C# and XNA for about 5 years now, and have become very familiar with both the vanilla source code and the TMod API, I'm very active on the TMod discord servers and you can easily reach me there or on my main server.

Join the Smugrinnas chat Discord Server!

Planned Content:

A new friend

Corinna -
If you're wondering who that girl with the pink floyd references adorned all over her is, her name is Corinna. Although that isn't her appearance in game she's been inspired by some of the same things that inspired the creators of the game itself. She also has the lower body of a small tornado (because i got sick of animating legs)

What is a friend? -
Corinna will company you throughout the whole mod, and her purpose isn't to make the game easier for you, but to help you have more fun in your own way. She has an advanced AI and assists you in dynamic ways that you can control. She doesn't have to directly assist you in combat, but if you have her do so, you can choose what kind of style she will use to fight.

Combat assistance -
Corinna will either assist you directly or indirectly in combat, but no matter the method you choose, you will have the same level of challenge when it comes to taking down enemies. She is dynamic to fit your playstyle preferences. She will not complete the game for you or make things a cake walk, she is simply another game mechanic to add interactivity to the game.

Direct assistance -
This involves her using a combat AI that you get to choose to help you fight enemies. She can play all the styles you can - Melee, Summoner, Magic, or Ranged, and has her own unique and entertaining way of helping you fight in your adventure. You can control what attacks she uses, you choose what weapons to give her, and she can learn and level up in those fields in an RPG kind of way. With each combat AI you choose to have her play in comes different abilities.

Indirect assistance -
So you don't want something in your way and want all the credit to yourself? That's fine, but she can still be around. She will have another ai that helps you be you - by enhancing your attacks via magic and making your attacks more effective. Direct or in-direct, it will be very close in average damage over time. It's all in the numbers and the difference is mostly asthetic to your preference.

Non combat utility - She's not just about combat, she provides great utility for the other aspects of the game. She can assist in resource collecting, such as helping you find ores or valuable items you may have otherwise missed. She can help expose traps so you don't find yourself getting crushed or blown up again by the same old crap. She can also help greatly with inventory management, as she will have her own upgradable inventory and it will have perks you can get at different levels of gameplay progression. Some of these perks may be things such as delivering items to your town's chest while you are still on your adventure. She will also give much advice and tips on the new building mechanics I plan to introduce.

Towns, Homes, Buildings, and crafting benches - These will be redesigned in a modular way to have much more interactivity and bonuses. There won't just be homes, there will be utility buildings dedicated to crafting certain trades like a blacksmith/forge, etc.

Example: Blacksmithing/Forging - it all starts with a furnace, which will have a new UI and deeper functionality to convert your mined ore into what you desire. Furnaces will require fuel of course, which will be no hassle, but furnaces will also be upgradable in an extensive way that's beyond vanilla. You will change the materials around the furnace, make the multiblock structure larger/different asthetically in exchange for resources and improving the size of the furnace or quality of materials its made from may yield better results from melting materials and combat bonuses to the weapons made from the materials. Liquids will have to be poured into casts which leads into the modular weapon system I'll explain later (think tinker's tools from minecraft).

Biome and WorldGen Changes:


Oceans will still be on the ends of the map, but I may make them deeper and give them more life. For example a more detailed coral reef inspired by the patterns of coral reef growth in real life.

Coral Reef - Takes a bit of diving into the ocean to get to a rocky shelf where the Coral Reef mini-biome will be. The coral will be a mixture of npc's and tiles you can take home or use as materials, but some of them are harmful to the touch and there may be hidden enemies within as well as a few puzzles related to it.

- These are dangerous dynamically generated npc's that live in the low, low depths of the ocean. They do not pursue you but bumping into them could be quite painful. You can attack them but they will only split up into smaller jellyfish looking npc's.

New NPC in the depths - The siphonophores will actually turn out to be a bunch hivemind creatures controlled by some central being at the absolute bottom. This is not Cthulu related at all. It is a strange grotesque creature made of polyps that seems to only be interested in preserving itself as it has not seen sentient life in years. It believes its the last thing alive on the world.

The two Beaches will be unique in that one has white sand and the other black sand. The black sand beach will always be on the edge of the map where the dungeon is near. The white sand beach will be the area associated with the previously mentioned npc.

Black-Sand Beach -
This will be more pirate themed and will also be the location of the pirate invasion instead of your town. You will be introduced to some pirates pre hard mode but they won't be too scary until post hardmode. At night ghostly ships and spirits of sunken sailors haunt the sea and give it a spookier color. The black sand beach's ocean is not as deep as the white sand's ocean, but near the bottom you can find sunken ships with treasure. Among these treasures are bits of a map you need to collect pre hard mode or post hardmode to find the location of the entrance to Davy Jone's Locker.

Davy Jone's Locker - this will be an entrance on the main world that loads the player into another premade map where you will fight waves of ghost pirates with a miniboss and a boss at the end. This experience will be unique both pre and post Hardmode. The miniboss and boss for pre hardmode and hardmode will be different and if you skip out of the prehardmode you will still have a chance to fight the easier version post hardmode if you want some vanity items, then you can continue to the harder version. This is all optional content. There will also be a drop item that is a ghost sock that will summon a boss that will reference the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob.

Pineapple Trees and Coconut trees will be present. These will be usable materials in alchemy or cooking.

Aquatic Life will differ in each ocean but similarity in the species will be noticeable. There will be more fish critters as well as a new item - an aquarium net, which you can use to obtain fish and take care of in a new mini-pet system for aquariums in your base. There will be bonuses to this at different points in the game should you choose to partake in it. There will probably be a Finding Nemo reference somewhere.


Desert Sand will be different from Beach Sand. Each sand can produce a different type of glass with a different tint and other attributes.

More type of cacti and plant life.

Rare desert Trees.


[H] Desert Mirage Rabbit - appear in hardmode and are not killable, but they move fast and dig fast while sometimes fading in and out of sight. Pay attention to the direction they are going. The rabbits seem to be running away from you but they are actually going in the direction of the hidden entrance to the Pyramid.

[H] Pyramid
- Instead of the pyramid being buried under the desert, the pyramid will only have an entrance on the overworld taking up a few tiles. It is buried somewhere in the desert and doesn't exist until hardmode. The entrance, when found, can be right clicked to load a new area. This map exists separate from the overworld, and contains a procedurally generated dungeon with a strong egyptian theme. Will contain two minibosses and one main Hardmode boss, all with Egyptian themes. The desert pyramid will contain multiple new quality of life items that can provide the player with useful gimmiks such as coming back to life after taking a killing blow - with an effect cooldown of an hour.

[H] Neutral NPC Sphynx-like character - this character will appear post hardmode with the pyramid entrance and offer the player a randomly generated puzzle each day, solving it correctly gives you a bonus effect for the rest of the day, failing causes you to have bad luck. Maybe there will be a reputation associated with the character that can unlock sellable items as well.


Welcome to the Jungle -
Im going to make the jungle feel like a jungle. Underground jungle and Above ground Jungle need a strong distinction. Above ground Jungle with have much larger trees, trees so tall they make the minibiome above ground jungle stand out more. There will be monkies, probably a donkey kong reference or barrels. Monkies may grab torches curiously and wander around with them before placing them on another tree if they despawn.

Banana trees. Peels can be used as traps for certain enemies or even the player.

Rain can be localized when in the jungle biome and is more frequent. There is a special flower that only blooms in the jungle rains.

More enemies inspired by jungle wildlife for pre-hardmode.

[H] Tiki and Voodoo - this theme will become very apparent in hardmode in the above ground Jungle.

[H] Lhizards and Lhizards Temple - Once again in the underground jungle there will be a hidden Lhizard Temple entrance that spawns when hardmode hits. Instead of being on the main world, the Lhizard temple will be have it's own generated map and be procedurally generated with the random world seed to make it feel unique to each playthrough. I'm going to redesign the Lhizard temple to have a more 'hidden city of gold' feel and there will be several minibosses and custom bosses in addition to the Golem, who will not have a stupid AI now. The Lhizard temple gimmik will be more about disarming traps than puzzles or fighting. It's gonna take some headwork.


Tundra (aka Snow Biome) - This biome needs some love, probably more enemies that are fantasy-like related to ice and snow

Underground Frozen Zone - Emphasize the 'frozen dinosaur and prehistoric life' theme.

Caveman and Cavewomen NPC - some sort of Flintstones reference, will only move into your town if a house is made of rock. Easily scared by the cyborg.

Underground Frozen Alien Ship - pre hardmode dungeon with its own map. Kind of tells a story you have you infer for yourself. This will also be the location for the meteor so you won't have to worry about it leaving a big hole in the main world. There will be more than just meteor heads to worry about this time. The ship is made of a strange material that cannot be mined pre hardmode but has a useful purpose later on. Not much of this map will be editable pre-hardmode except the meteorite you collect. For some strange reason Corinna will refuse to follow you in this specific area.

[H] Underground Frozen Alien Ship - You will trigger something to cause the ship's powers and defenses to come on, making it a dangerous new dungeon that you are at least familiar with. There are no bosses or signs of alien life still, but Corinna will accompany you this time. At the end of the dungeon you will find an entrance to a teleport device that will send you to an event to replace the alien invasion. The alien invasion event will be much different and probably have a new miniboss and boss. Once the event is complete it will trigger an effect on the overworld, for any above ground biome you are on there will always be a chance for a certain mechanical or alien creature to spawn in addition to normal hardmode monsters.


Dungeon redesign - The dungeon will still remain in the overworld but the algorithm will be changed. There will still be the skeletron fight. The enemies inside the dungeon will be changed slightly as well as new enemies and traps to reinforce a theme of generic 'Dungeons and dragon creatures' For example statues that come to live, ropers - which are like slimes with whip arms. Mimics will not be only chests but sometimes bots and other items, but their color will be slightly off so you will be able to tell when they're hiding. The goblins will also be found here instead of being an invasion (but you can still collect the items like spike balls and whatnot from them). The prehardmode-boss will probably be goblin related. The dungeon will be necessary to trigger the event in the underworld to start hardmode, so you will not see anymore goblins in Hardmode.

[H]Hardmode Dungeon - Spirits and shadowy creatures now inhabit the dungeon much like vanilla, but they aren't the souls of the enemies you've slain prehardmode, they're of a mysterious origin. There will also be cultists scattered about which can be a forewarning to the later - cultist fight.

[H] Hardmode Dungeon Boss - a painting? When you come back to the dungeon in hardmode there's a whole lot of paintings you don't remember, and all of them look the same, except one seems to be watching you. Better not try to paint over it. A boss fight that will not be done as a fighting class but as a painter (will have something to do with the paint/dye trader). The boss can only be hurt by objects of a certain hue, and that hue will change sporatically, so this will be a puzzle and timing-sensitive boss fight.

Later Projects I will type out-
- Plains/Meadow biome redesign
- 'Caverns' will also refer to the underground plains/meadow area
- Underworld Redesign
- Detailed crafting/weapon system and weapon trees
- New weapon controls
- Large Single Moutain biome(may be merged with Tundra)
- Probably a whole lot more I can't remember right now.
- Many AI and npc spawning changes
- Redesigned vanilla boss fights.
- Entirely new UI
- Many vanilla sprite enhancements.

I've done a very basic thing with Worldgen using Cos waves to create moutains. I'm going to completely customize the worldgen by the end of it all but it won't be my main focus. I believe that triginometry and calculus may aide in writing algorithms to create more dynamic terrain. I would like to create a worldgen that makes you feel like there's more to explore than vanilla.

- Similar framework to Vanilla world generation, but here are my plans, they're going to take a lot of work.


This is a preview of Corinna's new style, due to the issue of not wanting to animate legs I have made her half tornado, she now avoids tile collision and has an easier time following you around.
I've also included a preview of one the first furnaces you can build, which will replace vanilla's style of melting ore. Eventually this furnace will have a custom UI to allow you to upgrade it visually and preformance-wise. Credit to Nilon for the furnace sprite I edited.

This is an example of one of the new custom Boss AI, most creatures in the game might be reworked to upgraded to compensate for difficulty. Vanilla boss AI will be redone and new attack patterns given.

The copper sword's effect, still being worked on.

This mod is an accumulation of things I find fun, I have so many ideas and walls of texts you wouldn't believe it.

Also rabbits, the world is made of rabbits, you will learn the fundamentals of a bunny, the bundamentals. It will be fun on a bun.

(credits to dark puppey for the gold sword)

One feature of this Mod will take classes and weapons and make them customizable in ways you've probably seen in a variety of games, mix and match things together the more modular I can make this the more fun we can have. And as the game progresses the more mechanics I can add, physics, who knows?
Working on melee class fun, here's an effect I made for gold weaopns, they convert damage to money!

Example of UI stuff - credits for the code to Hellgoeson

This picture is old, but it's lightning effects I did with shaders.


[updates will be posted as I progress]

Join the Corinna's Crazy Content and Corn Discord Server!

You can keep up with me day to day, I like to be interactive with my audience, there is no alpha or beta yet but I share things and tease spoilers here and there. I have a github if people would help me but so far I'm doing this large project alone, but I'll never stop working on it until it's complete, I promise.

But I gotta warn ya, my jokes can get a little corny

DarkPuppey for Gold Sword Sprite
Hellgoeson for UI Coding and multiple code suggestions/debugging
Qwerty for sprites


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Melee class will be very customizable. Influenced by ideas such as tinker's construct you will be able to choose what material makes certain parts of your weapon, and those materials give bonuses related to the theme of the material incorperated. These weapons can 'level up' to unlock new abilities post hardmode, depending on the materials. Certain combinations may have secret or unique effects as well!
Sounds nice. I would suggest you make melee class more than just swords though, because that to me has been the single most made mistake throughout mods. So maybe some Tinkers' style spears, boomerangs, flails and yoyos too? Just a thought


Sounds nice. I would suggest you make melee class more than just swords though, because that to me has been the single most made mistake throughout mods. So maybe some Tinkers' style spears, boomerangs, flails and yoyos too? Just a thought
I have made custom collision and control schemes for all types of weapons. For example broadswords will have a downward sword slam in the ground if you have one equipped and press down while jumping. It's like Link's attacks in super smash bros. Hammers, Axes, dual wielding swords, all of that stuff will get their own gimmmick and control scheme.


Updated to show the gold effects and cleared out some useless text because I'm not good at promoting stuff. My next little goal is getting the boomerang to function lke it did in wind waker, you will hold down the left click mouse button, select enemies, then throw the boomerange. I'll post the results once I get it working.

Also still looking for programming help with some of my tasks, it would help the work load and maybe help me concentrate


Updated to show the new AI off as well as the npc design change. Next I'll be working on more enemy designs and changes and figuring out the new ore refining system.


I updated with a massive wall of text for my true crazy ambitious plans that I'll need to finish later. After five hours of typing I'm tired.
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