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Corinna's Mod


I'm in desperate need of some help - a spriter or coder or anything really, doing most of this by myself is boring!

This is Corinna:

She's your friendly pink hair humanoid alien from outer space come to make your adventure a little less lonely... or is she the one who doesn't want to be alone?

In her final design, she will assist you with nearly any task - combat, ore finding, exploration, and more!

Combat wise you'll be able to choose what she does, tell her what fighting style you want to see her mimic - melee, ranged, magic, or summoing, all she wants to do is impress you, have a friend, make the world more lively. She has a custom AI build to not only 'see' the tiles around her, but see the tiles around the player as well. Her movements will be strategized depending on the location of her target. Targets could be the player or a hostile enemy. Her aggressiveness towards hostile npc's will eventually be adjustable as well.

She will have two 'resource pools' to draw from, similar to your mana. She will have focus and rage.

Focus: Corinna needs inspiration, she's not going to do all of this for you, but seeing you fight, mine, or do whatever it is adventurer's do will inspire her to do something just as great. Focus can channeled into something great - combat wise or utility wise! Maybe she unleashes a strong atttack, or maybe she reveals the nearest, most valuable ore vein nearby.

Rage: Seeing her friend get hurt really angers her, and she can use the power of anger to protect you. Built up rage can be used to demoralize and cripple the enemy, but can also be used to cast fortifications and barriers on the player, but if you get hit on purpose her anger might be directed towards you.


Oh yeah, there's a massive amount of other content I want to incorporate into this mod, but one chunk at a time, creating Corinna's AI is going to be my first hurdle. I'll release a version that just contains her as a sort of teaser for what's to come.


- The ore smelting system will be replaced with Corinna's ship. When the player first meets her they will gain access to a new mechanic of the game that is similar to player housing. Her ship will include a furnace and poly-die cast machine. All ores can merely be dumped in the ship and melted down to be stored as liquids. The ship itself will basically become your forge, where you will return to craft new items or melt down new ores, it will be upgradable and modular as well (can't just throw hellstone in it and call it a day). While the ship acts like a building it's also mobile to an extent and can be relocated on the surface if you have enough room. Upgrades could include things like higher tier ores and drones that transfer your ore from the mine to the furnace for you so you don't have to go back and forth (You're gonna want all that iron/etc for late game..)

- Vanilla bosses will have drastic changes to how they're encountered, their attack patterns, and will have more animations.
- For example, Eye of Cthulu will no longer be this giant eyeball appearing out of the night. At the bottom of one of the corruption pits you explore you will be startled when admist the ebonstone a giant eye opens up, hidden in the wall itself! Surely doing something aggressive to the eye would provoke some sort of response.

- Town NPCs and most Enemy AI will be revamped to include pathfinding/learning.
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man this looks good also that gif is really cool, hope to see more come from this mod and have a nice day!
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