1. Jill

    Jill Official Terrarian

    Name: Corona Travellimay (ignore what the email says)
    Age: I don't know no-one celebrates my birthday anymore.
    Species: Human-Vikuan
    Sex: Female
    (It's like someone took a photo of a newspaper clipping...?)

    - Honours degree from the Bellicose Academy of Arts and Knowledge. Oh yeah but they're a load of old farts who probably get funded with payments by the word judging by their research documents
    - Many years expertise in magimechanically-assisted forging, smithing, housing construction.
    - Interior design consultant.
    - Pyrotechnics
    - Pyrokinetics too
    - Perfect English speaking and writing which positively effects my ability to communicate with others!
    - Experience working with a wide range of low and high-graded materials.
    - Can destabilise low-grade materials i.e I make copper and all that go boom but dw I have total control over this although if the email doesn't reach you I might have messed up the wires again.
    - I tell great stories!
    - Hypnotist
    - Expert in reverse psychology
    - You definitely shouldn't hire me just saying
    - I read your book and it was the best book ever!
    - Oh yeah I can read even the kind of books which have 'almanac' in the title, are very long, and don't even have that many pictures.
    - (I think there's a big market for a Regnum Almanac which has a lot more pictures in it by the way)
    - Magivarsity shot put champion twice
    - It would've been 3 times but I got disqualified for accidentally striking the rubbish competitor from Manphor which, for the record, was totally deserved and long overdue to happen even if it was a completely coincidental event which was of course highly unlucky on all sides and a tragedy that he recovered partial motor control in his arms and legs eventually.
    - I know where some of your new hires live and I also still have a case of shot put balls lying around somewhere haha just saying just my little joke
    - Total unfailing control over all airborne metallic-based objects
    - Graphic designer
    - Some proficiency with all of the programs the computers come with except the one which has a bunch of rectangles on it seriously wtf is that one about anyways
    - Gold ranked player on Defencecraft of the Battlewatch Legends... 2
    - Everything I'm involved with works out for the best in the end, ask anyone alive and well today and they'll say the exact same.

    History: OK so I may or may not be on break rn, we don't get much break, this is the only time I get access to a computer, and I'm a really slow typist. Look it really isn't very interesting. Basically nothing has happened with me for like 20 years. Alright maybe I almost got fired a lot but that's small fry. You want to mess with the thread of history itself so I don't think you can really judge from your reference level. Besides I'm very good at my job. Seriously sometimes I'm too good. OK sometimes too good is not as good when you're supposed to make an unsupported high-rise building. No-one likes Moonfey apartments anyways even a rat shouldn't have to live like that. See it all worked out for the best in the end, hey actually I should go back and put that in my skillset!

    Equip Load: So I really don't need anything although I like to bring my m e c h a w i n g s (OK they're kind of a WIP thing and are also definitely not why one of my arms is currently in a sling for 3 months), a wrench (some guy's teeth also works), a hammer, you can't go wrong with a big fat knife. Oh wait did you say anything? Really, anything? In that case I must inform you that I have a strange condition (don't look it up, the doctor said it's so rare that nothing can ever be done to understand, much less cure or abate it) which means that my magical powers become twice as strong when they, by chance, come into contact with ingested dry-aged New Kaeum whiskey (top-shelf whiskey is a better focus due to the concentrated efforts and hopes of people for it, it's a very basic magical principle) so if you made ready the delivery of a case or two this would be to the enduring benefit of the very fabric of the world itself.

    Preferred Payment: Um we'll work something out.

    P.S: Please don't reply to me on this email address. I'm pretty sure my creepy boss monitors all of the messages I get and I don't know why. If he catches wind of this he'll probably shout at me again and I... have very sensitive ears. Call me!