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Corrupt the Wish!


Duke Fishron
You wish is Granted but the pancakes are made of trash.
I Wish don't be more on FriendZone.


Granted, but Grammar Nazis kill your love interest.
I wish that Grammar Nazis weren't a thing. Or Nazis as a whole, I guess.


granted, but they are now completely devoted to hating the whole terraria community.
i wish that i could be as much of a pimp as my avatar.


Granted, but it adds nothing, removes nothing, and changes nothing but the version number. Oh, and it's for a game that you don't own.
I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for I wish for


Granted, but they are hilariously overpowered and drop nothing.
I wish for someone to vaguely acknowledge me in a positive way.


Eye of Cthulhu
Granted, but they are just test robots made by Red.

I wish there is a second earth with similar technologies.


Granted, Justin bieber is now in all EA games

I wish for Terraria to be released onto the playstation 2


Granted, but the PS2 can't actually run it.

I wish for people to stop bickering over the best phone OS.
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