Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 173 45.3%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 209 54.7%

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Personally I think Crimson is creepier but it's better to me, ESPECIALLY because of the fact that you can acquire the most useful weapon; Vampire Knives. But I like it alot for other reasons too, like how the chasms are relatively small, making it easy to clentaminate. The landscape & the music also gives an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, which is a great feature I love in games. And one last thing, making the Golden Shower, a REALLY useful weapon, I wouldn't have shredded through those hardmode bosses if it wasn't for Golden Shower! So what do you prefer? Corruption or Crimson? Why?
I like the crimson myself, mainly because I think the brain of cthulhu is a far funner fight then the eater of worlds, also I like the music more. Ever since 1.2 I stopped taking corruption worlds just because I found the Eater of Worlds too easy.
Corruption. Personally I prefer Shadow Armor/other corrupted items over crimson items, plus the music.
My god, the music is perfection.
It's fun and sounds adventurous.
The Crimson, however, is just.. gross. Call me a pussbag, but I have to take breaks every now and then when I'm in the Crimson, just because of the sheer grossness of everything. The music doesn't help.

tl;dr: I like Corruption because it's fun and not gross.
I prefer the CRIMSON because it is a lot creepier than the CORRUPTION. Not only that, but I really like the vampire knives lol.
But if you were to ask for other reasons, I would say because I wouldn't have to deal with all the random chasms throughout the world. Giant holes when I can't fly or jump that far? No thank you.

Not only that, but it seems like there was a lot more thought and consideration put into Crimson rather than Corruption.
It was a tough choice, but I'd go for Corruption.

The Crimson... ahh. It's a better designed set of terrain, that I admit, but I just enjoy the tension of exploring the Corruption Chasms more. And the Devourers feel like a much greater threat than any of the Crimson mobs in my opinion.

Items-wise, the Rotted Fork and Panic Necklace are both great but I'd have to say they're both outweighed by the awesome Musket VS the sort of lame Undertaker. Aside from that, though, Crimson items are all better across the board.

Crimson melee weapons have much better range than their corrupt counterparts, as well as damage. Crimtane armour is outright ridiculous. And yet, I prefer Corruption simply because the Shadow set and gear feels a lot more in-keeping with progression, whereas I feel Crimson stuff makes the Dungeon section feel far too easy; at least to me. Overall, they're both good and I definitely like changing things up every playthrough, but I'd say I enjoy the Corruption that bit more, just for the sake of a smoother experience.
I like both.
But if I have to choose one, it depends on my mood.

If my mood is being evil, I will choose Corruption.
If my mood is being a sick gore, I will choose Crimson. I wish the next update has more gory animals like the preview crimson bunny :D.
I prefer Crimson because the gear there is better than the Corruption's.
The Corruption's music is better though.
I always found the Crimson to be more amazing. Corruption feels evilier, but Crimson feels somewhat creepier.
Also both the enemies and the loot are better so i choose Crimson.
I'm glad that it's getting more attention in 1.3.
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