Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 173 45.3%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 209 54.7%

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I would say Crimson, because of its world generation and unique boss. The shdow orb items like Musket are alot better than the Crimson Heart items. They both have good blocks for building purposes but the Crimson seems to have more enemy and vhallenge variety.
Hello Terrarians i have a question which do you prefer? Crimson or Corruption?
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I moved your post here to an already existing thread since it’s for the same topic. You can look over all the other posts that are here to see what choices others have made, and you may even want to share which biome you like best yourself.

Between Corruption or Crimson, I always choose Crimson.
honestly, i like both, it's kinda tough to choose.

although, when it comes to wanting my world to be as intact as possible, i'd probably go with crimson, cause it doesn't cause a mile-long stretch of huge holes in the ground.

and if corruption biomes happen to spawn close to each other... oof... there goes about half of my world.

corruption is probably easier on the eyes, and feels more "natural" as a counterpart to hallow, while crimson is nightmarish and looks very alien... though i suppose that is the point.

this really shows with the biome-specific gear, as well... light's bane just looks and sounds like it properly fits, and it actually shows through in night's edge.

meanwhile, the blood butcherer... not so much.

that then brings me to my next thought... the crimson feels so... non-canon?

i mean, it lacks a hardmode boss, there is no mechanical brain... and it's just weird fighting the destroyer when there is no eater of worlds around.

it's like the game telling me i chose the wrong one, or something.

so i always feel a bit odd choosing crimson.

i feel like, if i were going with a canon story to my world, i'd probably go with corruption... but for gameplay purposes, i tend to choose crimson.

mainly because, again, it's less intrusive... and i love the golden shower spell, the enemies are really cool and creepy, it's a nice change of pace, etc.

so yeah, my final verdict is...

corruption for canon/natural feel to the world.

crimson for gameplay purposes.

Edit: well, balls... didn't realize there was another topic... sorry about that. %:sigh:

edited my post to make it fit more with the topic since it's not its own topic, anymore.
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both are pretty nice but i like crimson better
having the corruption literally makes me have to carefully run everywhere to avoid falling to death while the crimson makes me have to bring several ropes and a hook to get over the entrances and explore the world
the corruption has a lot of flying enemies early game almost requiring you to have to bring a bow but the crimson's enemies are tankier and more diverse forcing you to keep killing them to avoid getting swarmed.
cursed flames is a direct upgrade of the frostburn/fire arrows, while ichor is pretty good for bosses and mini-bosses
corruption loot is geared towards speed and sneaking away from enemies while crimson loot is geared towards regen and attracting attention
also because i have a fascination to fleshy and bloody aesthethics
Corruption, because it gives you a nostalgic vibe, even if you haven't played 1.0.
Plus, the Crimson is kind of disgusting in general and the spiders are plain creepy.
Music's better on the corruption side, too.
Personally I think they both have their pros and cons. For example, from my experience Ichor flasks seem to do much better against bosses and enemies than Cursed flasks do. Than again, Corruption drops the chain guillotines which is one of my favorite weapons. Than againnn, Crimson biome chests have vampire knives which is also one of my favorite weapons:confused:.
Crimsion and Coruppption are kinda equal when you think about it. pre hm crimson has stronger damage weapons *except for undertaker* and couruption has the faster ones, Courruption eater of souls have a small chance to give shadow armor which is really op pre- boss crimson has better sword *in my opinion* reaching hm I kinda equal too dart rifle and dart pistol are both equal, one is high damage but slow and the other is low damage but fast, cursed flame darts are basically like an infinite projectile north pole and ichor darts split up into 4. both biome chests are good, scourge of courruptor being the mob killer and vampire knives being the steal, hp fragile damage weapon, sum that up and its kinda equal
its corruption that has the higher damage pre hm weapons and crimson has the faster ones. this stays true even in hardmode, where the chain guillotines and dart rifle are more powerful than their faster counterparts the dart pistol and the fetid bagnakhs.

Also the expert boss drop in corruption is better. why would I want a chance to confuse enemies.
The lights bane(demonite) vs the blood butcherer(crimtane) blood butcherer does more dmg but is slower tendon bow (crimtane bow) vs demon bow(demonite) tendon boe does more dmg than demon bow but is slower, the only exeption is the guns, musket and undertaker in phm. (this is probably 1.3 idk)
Also the expert boss drop in corruption is better. why would I want a chance to confuse enemies.
So true tho, the boconfusion kinda sucks, cuz its a CHANCE to confuse enimies, the worm scarf is 17% reduced dmg taken, which is very useful even post plantera, aal the way to moon boi
So your actually right about the confusing enemies. I'm pretty sure no bosses can even be affected by the confused debuff. Besides like %90 of my worlds are corruption simply because I think cursed flames look way cooler :D.
Forgot about the spell tomes, I like Cursed flames better, but when both golden shower and cursed flames combined the make a hell of a monster
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