PS4 Crafty trophy bugged

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I'm having the same exact issue. My world is Crimson. I'll try jumping in a Corruption world to get the Decay Chamber and try that.

Ok, I tried getting a Decay Chamber in another world, put it in my world, craft with it, and still nothing.
After some trial and error - I finally was able to get the Crafty trophy. Here is what I did:
- Created a brand new character. I chose Classic Character.
- Created a brand new world (I chose Corruption - Classic).
- With my brand new character, I went into my older world and mined up ALL my crafting stations.
- Went in the new world with my new character and placed ALL the crafting stations.
- Went back into my old world with my new character and picked up materials to start crafting.
- Went to the new world with that new character and started crafting. I placed all the crafting stations in the order found HERE and started crafting in that order also.

It finally got me the trophy when I crafted a Shroomite Bar from the Autohammer. Weird, because I've already crafted tons of those with my other character and have already gotten the Armory trophy, but whatever... I'm just happy the Crafty trophy finally popped. If you are having problems, feel free to do the tedious method above. Thanks!
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I was having this bug too. I crafted a Lihzahrd Platform and didn't get credit, I then 10 minutes later crafted a Lihzahrd Lantern and then it popped.
My guess is that certain items do not count, either that or perhaps if it doesn't enter your inventory properly? Anyways, if you redo items, try redoing it with different items.

Edit: User error. This is because the platform does not require the machine to craft. All the more reason to craft a different item next time in case you fall for this too.
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