PC Crash in Space Transition for 3840X2160 Resolution

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Iced_, May 2, 2019.

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    I have never signed up for a forum before, but I figured spending hours trying to figure out what causes a crash, warrants me to do so and hope a patch in the future fixes it.

    Issue: Game crashes upon reaching the transition point for space, while playing at the specified resolution 3840X2160. Specifically when the background goes from near black, to pitch black.

    Solution: Play at any other resolution.

    Controller Type: Xbox One Controller.

    -Crash report is attached.
    -No other graphical settings cause the game to crash.
    -I'm using a small world with corruption a biome, via random pick.
    -I have tested this in another users world in multiplayer to see if I could replicate it. I was able to replicate it with perfect consistency on my own world and others.
    (Perfect consistency meaning the crash happened every time at the background transition.)

    Not sure if anyone is able to replicate it on other set ups but I guess we'll see if I'm the only one soon enough.

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  2. ncostes

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    I have the same thing, 100% reproducible. But it happens on some PCs at lower resolutions, 100% reproducible.
  3. Iced_

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    Hmm. Interesting, didn't know it could happen at lower resolutions as well.

    I personally can't replicate it at lower resolutions but that might just be my set up; as you pointed out.