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terraria happens to be unplayable for me currently... Literally. Terraria has had a major glitch on several occasions by this point, and by major I mean the game will hardly even start up. Whenever I press play, my game will not start and will just freeze. It will also do this for the tutorial, and the such. Part of what's so strange about it is that when I close out onto my home screen, the menu music continues to play over whatever I do until I close out of the app completely. I cannot start up the game, and have tried clearing the cache and force stopping the app. Nothing works. I have to clear all data from the app and start over. The thing is, there is no warning when this starts. I can be building, mining, or most recently just strolling through the dungeon when I crash and this glitch then occurres. I have lost 3 great characters and worlds to this glitch, and am getting overly irritated. I feel I may just quit the game forever until it comes to Mac. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd appreciate some help, I refuse to delete my most recent character all because of this stupid bug. Is there a known way to fix this without clearing data and waiting until it happens again? I am running on an android nexus tablet, if that helps. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

EDIT: This thread has been resolved. Apparently you need a wifi connection to play.
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If I press play while not connected to internet it will freeze; but you don't need a constant internet connection, just when you press play.


I see, thanks for the help. It's a strange bug, I hope it gets fixed soon.

This thread has been resolved.
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