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Xbox One Crashing on the same world.


Whenever i load into my main world (from the Pre-1.3 update, on Xbox One) it loads fine and normal, but due to the spawn being set to the east of the world, in the jungle it isnt at the main world spawn. If i try to travel to the main spawn of the world, in the center, it will repeatidly crash.
I have managed to find out where it happens, but not why, if I travel to the eastern side of the world underground and rise up throught the ocean, it will be fine, until i try to travel to spawn from this side. Its a very weird issue and has been happening for around a year.
Okay. There unfortunately nothing we can do. You have to update it in order for this to be fixed. There is a couple reasons to not update to 1.3 (Like for Ocram and whatnot) but on that note, the best you could do is update. This is strange though how you have not updated (unless you misclicked your device)
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