Resolved Crawltipede on Solar Pillar too OP, Harder than Expert Moon Lord?

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Do you Think Crawltipede is too Buffed and OP?

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  1. ZombieSquad9

    ZombieSquad9 Terrarian

    When I was trying to do the Lunar Events on Terraria, I came across the Solar Pillar, and a Crawltipede came and one/two shotted me, and I died instantly, Max Health, found on Wiki, 10000 Health, tail is weakness 10x damage if hit, and defense is 1000, this too Buffed up and should be lowered within the game, it kills me everytime I approach it. Any tactics, mainly for a Wizard, Mage Character?
  2. nachomc1473

    nachomc1473 Eye of Cthulhu

    It isn't that hard, i've dealt 17k to it. And he deals me 50 health with nebula armor and no reforged defense accessories
  3. Yonahga

    Yonahga Terrarian

    Stay on the ground when fighting the solar pillar, the crawltipede only targets you when you are in the air. Although sometimes it will still hit you when you are on the ground it's more of an lucky accident, and I think the Mage is best for solo play, just always have a stardust dragon summoned and have the Nebula Blaze for single target DPS and a Nebula Arcanum for wave clear. Bonus for crawltipede is that the homing weapons like the Nebula Blaze and Nebula Arcanum often hit his tail since he moves so fast and will kill him in a hit or two if are wearing Spectre Armor or better. A little trick you can do when fighting the Solar Pillar is dig a trail under the ground and burrow yourself directly under the solar pillar and then use a weapon like the Nimbus Staff or Blizzard Staff and fight from the safety from the underground, it takes a long time to make the tunnel since you have to start it from so far away but it's the easiest way to beat it on Expert this tactic also works on the Vortex Pillar as well but don't even dare use it on any of the other ones since they spawn enemies that clip through blocks.
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  4. ψeud

    ψeud Terrarian

    When fighting the Solar Pillar in general, it's best to fight on a platform. That way, you gain more maneuverability, line-of-sight to Srollers, and immunity to Crawlipedes. (Well, as long as you don't start flying.)

    Since you're playing as a Mage, I recommend using the Nebula Arcanum and the Mana Cuffs.
  5. ZombieSquad9

    ZombieSquad9 Terrarian

    This is on expert mode I know its harder but its too hard for expert, dev mode
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    I use Nebula and healing spectre armor for it, I have the UFO mount and have celestial cuffs and I have arcanum and nebula blaze, but ill try these tactics I have lunar flare and Rzorblade, and I use the razorvlae typhoon for Crawltipede
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    Thx tho
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    I have 54 defense and he deals 254-367 to me so not possible
  6. D12

    D12 Spazmatism

    The only "trick" about fighting Crawltipede is to stay on the ground. When you are on the ground it will never attack you, and if you do end up high in the sky, just aim for its tail and it shouldn't be too difficult to kill it since you do 10 times the damage you would normally do. :)
  7. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

  8. ZombieSquad9

    ZombieSquad9 Terrarian

    Yes thank you guys for the support I wasnt speculating right, and im sorry to post on a different thread type source :(
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  9. Cool Doge

    Cool Doge Steampunker

    Didnt know crawltipede only attacks in air since im in air cause of the melee monsters
    I used last prism on crawltipede dealed really high dmg and use nebula blaze and BAM! dealed 8800 cricital hit dmg lol
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    It is my highest dmg yet in the ***hole terraria world