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  1. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    The following is a true story of what happened to my new character in a playthrough I was doing.

    So I was using an early game character, and I had just entered a small cave. The cave quickly came to a dead end. There was a Gold Loot Pile, majestically sitting there. I broke it. It gave me seven Gold Coins. “Nice!” I thought. But then I saw something else: about fifteen blocks directly under the loot pile was a cave. And on the floor of that cave was an Enchanted Sword! I quickly dug down and harvested it. There was a cave to the right of this one. In it, I could see a Snail. Bait was always welcome, so even though I didn’t want to disturb the place where the Enchanted Sword was, I dug to the cave, and was about to catch the Snail when BAM! I was destroyed by an Explosive trap. I failed The Test of the Enchanted Sword. Four of my seven Gold Coins were gone.

    I died to fall damage whilst trying to get back to the cave, and when I finally reached it, there were six Sapphires, tantalizingly winking at me. I mined them and Magic-Mirrored.

    I would say all this in a status, except it’s too many characters.
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  2. Ori

    Ori Golem

    Doesn't sound quite as remarkable as you described it but fairly lucky I guess
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  3. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    This was on the mobile version, which is on 1.2.4. Enchanted Swords were insanely rare before 1.3.
  4. Ori

    Ori Golem

    Oh I see
  5. Pedhead 241

    Pedhead 241 Terrarian

    My most lucky moment was when I was doing a sword playthrough and the first armored skeleton I killed dropped armour Polish and a beam sword

    No joke
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    Also on the mobile edition enchanted swords are common AF
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  6. Mark_Rambo

    Mark_Rambo Terrarian

    Had a total of 3 beamswords on my first playthrough on ipad. Quite lucky too
  7. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    Enchanted Swords are bugged on mobile to be really common. I didn't realize that when I made this thread.