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CC Creation Compendium #31

Tyrax Lightning

1st Place: SereneSplash! (Any chance of getting Dryad & Mechanic from this Pic into their own Pics to themselves? Especially in my Computer's Res of 1920x1200...? :dryadpassionate: )

2nd Place: Ajidot. (So cute! :dryadpassionate:)

3rd Place: Rulick15. (Wyverns are awesome, as are all Dragons! Plus it's a damn beautiful build! :dryadgrin:)

Honorable Mention: Corenality. (Forgot the Toes, thus makin the Feet look kinda weird, but still cute overall.)

Honorable Mention: Temmie. (I Upvote Yoraiz0r adding this to the game, maybe it could 'Upgrade' the current Sprite for Eye of Chluthu! :p)


How do you upload one since I'm going for mobile creations once gemspark blocks come out in 1.2.4
Once you've taken the screenshot, upload it to a website called imgur.

Once it's uploaded, post a message on my profile with the image url in it.
Alternatively go to PrntScr.com and upload the image there, And then copy the image location/Address. Both sites use imgur, I've seen more people use Prnt Scr though. :) (Please note however, After a period of time your screenshot will be deleted from Prnt Scr to save space. If you'd like your screenshot to stay permanently, Use imgur.)
ALSO alternatively, you could use TinyPic, which doesn't require you to create an account.
Wow thank you for showing my first build and showing support to me on the CC 31!
Don't worry, every entry gets featured.


Brain of Cthulhu
"Temple of Cloud Dragon" is built in aurora server. And I'm just one of the builders in aurora, So I can't give you this wld file or something till next world reset. I'm sorry about it.
Hey rulick, i get on aurora semi-regularly now, and the world reset a few days ago
the world download would be greatly apreciated.
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