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CC Creation Compendium #35


Official Terrarian
I thought that some of hose were the best! Also I liked that there was undertale things because undertale is epic!
[doublepost=1459801875,1459801656][/doublepost]There are definitely some REALLY good artists in the community! Good job everyone on the great art! (slimes are cool! :joy::bluslime::gslime::pinky::pslime::yslime::bslime::cslime::islime::lslime::sslime::hoppinjack::rslime::kingslime: PS is there a pumpkin slime in Terraria? :hoppinjack:)
The pumpkin is actually the Hoppin' Jack enemy from the Halloween Event on Hardmode, it is available on all platforms but is not needed to get the Slimer (Mobile/Console) and Gelatin World Tour (PC) Achievments


Official Terrarian
You all did a good job :)
I'm glad you make these awesome creations. these are the reason I love the forums.

I hope you all keep posting more for the CC
I can't wait to see what cool thing you made this time. :)
Keep up the good work :) :)
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