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CC Creation Compendium #36


I dont really like that kawaii cultist thing because "kawaii" is cringy, the lunatic cultist is one of my favorite bosses, and the cultist is evil not cute.


I love these events as they allow people to express creativity, and honestly I love looking at the things people do, the majority are amazing.


Official Terrarian
A lot of nice entries this month, I swear I'm going to enter something for the next compendium.

...Don't count on it.


Official Terrarian
Awesome entries like always. That comic cover one is my personal favourite. :D

There were also many great arts such as Rya's Solar Warrior.


Official Terrarian
i am gonna have to take notes from todays CC. some of the builds here would make wicked homes.

also, that pixel art in GMod.
Heheh. @Cenx's best Terraria Online avatar (namely that during Christmas Season 2013) is one that has earned its place, a voice of reason, amidst all that other random stuff.
You're still the best; if not, the Greatest Of All Time. The game wouldn't be the same without you. :happy:


[doublepost=1463857440,1463856896][/doublepost]If u put an activator with a pressure plate and lever+dirt block and then pull the lever and push the pressure plate to see the magic ;)
It works only on the PC version of the game ! :)
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