CC Creation Compendium #43

I plan on entering the next compendium, but I do not know how to submit my build. Any help?

P.S. These entries are always awesome and fun to look at :)
Another batch of good images, ideas, and videos. Hope everyone is having fun in the Christmas season.:D
Looking at all these amazing creations, It amazing how people can create art like this, and I'm glad to be able to see every creation
Mine didn't make it. Oh well!

Great Job Guys!
Keep in mind that the CC accepts any and all entries assuming they aren't derivative content.

If you did submit yours, and it's not in the corresponding CC, then feel free to file a complaint, because yours certainly should be in (unless there was a specific problem with it, such as not being related to Terraria).
GOOD :red:! I swear these just get better and better, aklthiough I guess this wasnt the longest of them. Ahh well, quantity over quality aight
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