CC Creation Compendium #51

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by QuackersDelta, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta The Destroyer

    Would you be surprised to know that your entry is in?

    Look again or try finding your name with ctrl+F.
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  2. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    Hagrid in a Red Riding Hood costume? Yes
    All of these are so great, I feel like making something like a short review of each one, but may take a while
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  3. MontezumaI

    MontezumaI Spazmatism

    Add credit to Nekomiya on the one on the front please, she commented on it on @QuackersDelta 's profile
  4. NewMoonLord52

    NewMoonLord52 Plantera

    Ayyyyyyyy monte and neko got to the top
  5. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta The Destroyer

    Fixed, thanks!
  6. Third

    Third Terrarian

    Wow all of them look great!!!
  7. MontezumaI

    MontezumaI Spazmatism

    Also, you put an l in my name on the post... yeah...
  8. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta The Destroyer

    This has been an emotional rollercoaster, finding out that's an i and not an l.

    ...Fixed nonetheless, learning new things about that entry every minute.
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  9. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Wow, everything is amazing! (Also, two Kirby pixel arts, weird.)
  10. Cloud551

    Cloud551 Spazmatism

    is that a gosh dang titanic? jack :(
  11. Almighty bobbit worm

    Almighty bobbit worm Skeletron Prime

    Jack had enough room on the board
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  12. Cloud551

    Cloud551 Spazmatism

    he did that punk just froze to death first.
  13. Orion_Bright

    Orion_Bright Retinazer

    great entry's everyone :)! but quick question, what do you mean by an image macro?
  14. ThePurpleMage

    ThePurpleMage Terrarian

    Dang i missed it. hopefully i can submit one next month!
  15. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    An image with humorous text. You know, something like this:
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  16. Cr33pySol

    Cr33pySol Terrarian

    So I've been coming to this site for over a year now, but this is the first time I've been able to really connect to the community. I've always wanted to be involved in Creation Compendium and now I can put my artistic skills to the test!
  17. Abyss Raider

    Abyss Raider Steampunker

    How long does the submission range for these usually last? I've never actually submitted to the CC, although I always check the CC and I adore what you amazingly talented people submit. I might try to see what I can do with my (very basic and childish) artistic skill and submit one in the next CC.
  18. Cyastic

    Cyastic Plantera

    Awesome entries as always! So great to see these compendiums showcasing an awesome communities incredible artwork and builds! And *ahem*, definitely gonna be importing that Bunny Tee into my Animal Crossing world :3
  19. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    The CC is posted on the first of ever month. We normally accept entries until the night before.
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  20. Abyss Raider

    Abyss Raider Steampunker

    Awesome, thank you! If I can get my idea to an acceptable level, I'll send one in :dryadgrin:
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