CC Creation Compendium #60

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, May 1, 2018.

  1. BaumProductions

    BaumProductions Plantera

    This got to be my favorite CC so far. Amazing entries, great job everyone! :happy:
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  2. Kactus

    Kactus Terrarian

    I particularly liked the blue dungeon themed bridges by @Gammaboy45 and the creepy pentagram with eyes by @Belial Jiji :joy:
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  3. Gammaboy45

    Gammaboy45 Steampunker

    If you would like to see a sample of a segment of the bridge more clearly (in case you want inspiration or may want it in your own builds), here is one pillar
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  4. Mintbut

    Mintbut King Slime

    Great job everyone! Especially Mocha! Really love your artwork
    (Long time no see... Now I'm going back to forums.)
  5. FlashxGame

    FlashxGame Terrarian

  6. Rassy

    Rassy Skeletron Prime

    I know my laptop isn't the best thing but them, i've never seen those smooth sprites on those screenshots :O
  7. Enroke

    Enroke Spazmatism

    You should be more understanding and think that you are not worth more than 50% of the people
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  8. EasyN00bs

    EasyN00bs Terrarian

    Everyone was awesome, but my personal favorite is @Rariaz :)
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  9. SovereignVis

    SovereignVis Terrarian

    One of these days I will finally get around to creating something for this CC thingy. Not sure what I should create yet.
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  10. VanossGaming 2

    VanossGaming 2 Terrarian

    U guys should make the game more open in space and the ocean some ppl download mods to get better oceans maby space
    The hallow should have the trees turn rainbow when ever it rains or blood moon and give confusion too.
    For update 1.4
  11. T-rexdescendant

    T-rexdescendant Skeletron

    heya Vanoss, this is not the place to make requests for the next update. This thread it just to talk about the CC.
    you can make requests about what should be in the next update in other threads, mostly the suggestion threads.
  12. AlphaEspeon

    AlphaEspeon Skeletron Prime

    This is my favorite one, too!
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  13. Dr.Madness

    Dr.Madness Steampunker

    Tbh what @Kazzymodus made, should be made into an actual dye
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  14. Gamearia

    Gamearia Official Terrarian

    Paint here, draw there!
  15. Pixeroot

    Pixeroot Skeletron

    Wait, so you can post art and stuff for a competition?

    What have I been doing this whole time?!?!

    Anyway, @ppowersteef and @DoctorMcDerp, y’alls art was AMAZING! Elves are the best, and that traveling scene was really creative. Nice job!
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  16. One Being

    One Being Terrarian

    Excited to see all the submissions
  17. NutmeggzG39

    NutmeggzG39 Terrarian

    dude they are amazing
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  18. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Steampunker

    So is the winner announced on the Terraria Community Forums or are they announced on a different website? :pumpking:
  19. T-rexdescendant

    T-rexdescendant Skeletron

    there is no winner, this is kinda like a showcase for any person who throws their terraria related art. But in a way, the first post that not in the spoiler could be classed as a winner? In a way? I guess?
  20. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    There is no winner, it's a showcase (or compendium) of people's work.
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