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CC Creation Compendium #74


Staff member

As September arrives, the end of Summer follows, and with it the start of Autumn... but wait, there's something else...
Ah yes! Creation Compendium #74!

To enter for next month, make a post on @Khaios' profile. Here's a guide on how.
Make sure your entry follows the rules:
1) All entries must be submitted to the hosting member's profile NOT via PM (See the previous CC to determine who is next on the rotation).

2) All entries must be Terraria related in some way or another, whether that is in-game, art, music literature or any other form of creativity. Fanart of modded content will be accepted at the discretion of the CC team after review of the entry.

3) Each user may only submit one entry per month. Group entries are allowed, but all members who worked on the project must be credited and proof of consent from each member must be given. Group entries do count as a user's single entry.

4) Plagiarism is strictly not tolerated. Any evidence of such matters should be sent to a member of staff privately as soon as possible. The CC operates on a 'two strikes and you're out' system; after two offenses a user will be permanently banned from entering into all future Creation Compendiums.

5) Content such as memes, image macros, and other such content that does not contribute to the Compendium's message of expressing your creativity will be rejected. These "low-effort entries" will be taken out at the CC team's discretion.

6) Entries must be of decent quality. Blurry images, distorted sound files, and entries of obvious minimal effort will not be accepted. Entries will be reviewed by the CC team, and may be removed at their discretion.

7) The CC is a showcase, not a contest. All entries submitted (that are within the rules) will make it into the post.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask @darthmorf @Khaios or any TCF Staff member.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto the Creations!





Thanks for all the entries this month everyone! Let's try and get even more for next month!
You can check out last month's CC (#73) here.


The Real Bryan

The Destroyer
Oh my, @Purpulear! I guess I’m not the only one member here to like the Don’t Starve series a lot! The games’ art-style is truly Tim Burton-esque, and so is your interpretation of The Guide! I tip my hat to you, good sir! ~:D
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