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tModLoader Creative tools


Here you go. Cut out the world generation because it was after TModLoader had alreay disabled the mod and it added almost 100kbs.


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Neko the Cat'nt




Hi, I've been having some problems using the player size feature. Right now only the collision changes, and not the hitbox. I'm on the 1.4 alpha by the way


Official Terrarian
Is the "Select Texture" button for the Custom Item broken? Cause I select a Texture but when I generate the item it still has the black and purple square Texture


Creative Tools
With Creative tools you can toggle several different events and game states with a single click of a button,
move Npc's and Items with your mouse, display lots of Information on the screen and much more!

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Download via Mod Browser or Directly

Comment down below or join my discord server if you have any problems.​

Things you can toggle:
• Bloodmoon
• Frostmoon
• Pumpkinmoon
• Solar eclipse
• Pirate invasion
• Goblin Army
• Martian Madness
• Frost Legion
• Hardmode
• Expert Mode
• Halloween
• Christmas
• Party
• Slime Rain

Clear Inventory: Clear your inventory or delete all items that are not favorited! (inventory-, ammo- and moneyslots).
View attachment 302634
Modify held Item: Change some properties of your held Item, like damage, usetime, size, ect. (Changes are not saved with the player, so relogging will revert any changes to the items)
View attachment 302636

Modify Player: Change some properties of your player (changes are not saved!).
View attachment 302637
Custom NPC: Create your own basic NPC
Click here to see the video (older version)

Custom Item: Create your own basic Item
Click here to see the video (older version)
Creative Fly: Toggle to Fly in the air or through blocks! (simmilar to noclip, control with WASD, SHIFT to go faster and CTRL to go slower)
Click here to see the video.
Magic Cursor: Move NPC's and Items with your mouse by middle clicking them. (only works for one npc of a type)
Click here to see the video.
Information you can display on the screen:
• Mouse position relative to the World
• Mouse position relative to the screen
• Mouse and Mouse border Color

• Player name, whoAmI id, position, velocity, liferegen, mana regen, minion number, rocket time, respawn time, imunity time, flight timer
• NPC position, velocity, Distance to Mouse, name, type, aiStyle
• Item position, name, type, Distance to Mouse
• Projectile position, velocity, name, type, Distance to Mouse
• Screen position, Screen Zoom
• Time, Global time, Rain Timer
• Hitboxes for Mouse, Player, NPCs, Projectiles, and Items

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Weather Contol: Contol what time it is and change the moonphase
Click here to see the video.
Play any sound or Music and see what SoundID/MusicID it has (useful for modders)
Click here to see the video.
This allows you to change what bosses you have killed already. For Example:
You can only enter the dungeon when skeleton has been defeated. Instead of having to fight him you can just tick NPC.downedBoss3.

View attachment 314291

You can summon a Meteor (only 1 meteor can exist in a world. If you want two, destroy the first one).

If you have any suggestions, comment and I might add them!

Known Bugs:
- Multiplayer.
- If you reload all mods, open a world and go to the weapons tab in Recipe browser without opening the Creative tools menu first, the game crashes. [high priority]
- Sometimes normal army summons don't work. Workaround: Reload the world
- If you change the time to exactly 54000 event messages continously appear [wont fix]
- Tabbing out while the file select window is open will cause the game to turn purple (caused by terraria, close file select window) [won't fix]

Get Multiplayer working
Fix Bugs lol
>> 28.03.2021
+ Pyroknight redrew all sprites
+ Made Description more informative
+ fixed WeatherControl button text
>> 27.03.2021
+ Added the ability to change what bosses you have killed already
>> 22.12.2020
+ new cleaner UI
+ You can drag the Modify Item/Player, Custom Item/NPC, Weather Control menu now
+ Better sprites
+ Other internal changes
v2.9.0.2 - Hotfix #2 >> 25.10.2020
+ Rewritten lots of code, please report any bugs on the homepage
+ Fixed transparency and 1 pixel in the icon

v2.9.0.1 - Hotfix #1 >> 22.10.2020
+ Fixed System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value. crash, that happened with "The Clicker Class" and several other Mods
>> 30.08.2020
+ Fixed Info Display not working correctly in anti gravity
+ Fixed Hitboxes not displaying correctly when zooming in
+ Added Screen Zoom to Info Display
+ You can now Change your size (items are offset though)
>> 28.07.2020
+ Optimized code
+ Reduced Loading time
+ You can now play Music
+ Added tick when you hover over a slider
>> 19.07.2020
+ You can now change the texture of your Custom NPC/Item
+ Added Play Sound
+ Moved Custom Item UI down
+ Fixed UI inconsistencies
>> 14.07.2020
+ Added Custom NPC/Item
+ Added Modify Player
+ Added Hitboxes to Info Display
>> 26.06.2020
+ You can yeet npcs now
+ Magic cursor works on the map
+ Added more Info
+ The Mod kinda works in Multiplayer, some things are glitchy and some don't work at all.
+ Fixed a Bug with parties
+ Removed Changelog from the description
>> 21.06.2020
+ Added Weather Contol
+ You can now hide stuff in Info Display
+ Added more Info
+ Added the option to not delete favorited items
>> 16.06.2020
+ Added more Info
+ Item actions no longer occur when clicking inside UI
+ Fixed a huge bug with Creative Fly
+ Fixed several bugs with Info Display and Magic Cursor! (thanks direwolf420!)
>> 14.06.2020
+ Added Modify Held Item
+ Added Creative Fly
+ Added Magic Cursor
+ Added Info Display
+ Added a close button
+ Changed Menu Header
>> 26.05.2020
+ Added Pirate Invasion Toggle
+ Added Goblin Army Toggle
+ Added Martian Madness Toggle
+ Added Frost Legion Toggle
+ Added Expert Mode Toggle
+ Added Menu header
+ Added Icon
>> 23.05.2020
+ Added Solar eclipse Toggle
+ Added Confirmation Box when trying to clear your Inventory
+ Fixed Click detection bug

v1.0 - Initial Release >> 04.05.2020
nothing works for me, i have 0 hp, and the item/npc creation/modifier doesnt work, help


Hey, is there too hard to mod things like a Tedit to import TeditSch file to add building into the world, I know cheat sheet could make something like so but only the online schematics, I can't find a way to import build from Tedit cuz, if open a modded world with Tedit could corrupt the world.
Hope you can help me.
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