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  1. Vladimier

    Vladimier Golem

    So Iam currently doing this wacky Toon of My OC and yours
  2. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    It's been a month since I last made an art post. I have yet to work on the actual requests but I made some doodles of them because I'm taking so long.
    @Mystery @Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl @neondeamon @MinieK @Exodus Starlit


    And all the other art I made since the last art post in the spoiler below.
    [​IMG] Arkhalis and Safeman.

    [​IMG] Birthday drawing for ajidot.

    [​IMG] Fate in control of Crystal

    [​IMG] A scribbly doodle of ppowersteef.

    [​IMG] Fate.

    [​IMG] Crystal.

    [​IMG] A couple people from Re-Logic.

    [​IMG] Riskim, Crystal and Fezola facing backwards.

    [​IMG] Doodles of characters from MagnificentMicrowave.

    [​IMG] Doodle of Tobbvald's character on fire.

    [​IMG]Chibi Star of Crystal which I made as avatar for my birthday.

    [​IMG] Malil and Myrium from Snarferman.

    [​IMG] Joke doodle (Tonic from Sodapone, Riskim, Redigit, Lazure)

    [​IMG] Doodles of my Riowar, Fezola, Riskim, Crystall and a hand.

    [​IMG] Doodles of Riowar.

    [​IMG] The Lunatic Cultist, with the top of the head of Moon Lord and the four moons of the Lunar Event in the background.

    [​IMG] Club Soda from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Helena and Chlor from Milt69466.

    [​IMG] Sodapop from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Birthday drawing for Neko-Chan.

    [​IMG] Birthday drawing for Matsu.

    [​IMG] An extra birthday doodle for Matsu.

    [​IMG] Riskim.

    [​IMG] Crystal with the outfit PersonaTea gave him because it looks rad.

    [​IMG] Doodle of a character from XenoCat.


    [​IMG] ded

    [​IMG] run

    [​IMG] sad (Character from Luneria2)

    [​IMG] Drawing for Matsu.

    [​IMG] definitely not jojo (Malil from Snarferman)

    [​IMG] definetely not a blatant reference to jojo (Pharragan from Szaila)

    [​IMG] Doodles Jenosis, me, neondeamon, Chitinous, gallantEclipse, Samrux and Luneria2.

    [​IMG] Drawings of Anubscorpiak, Bloodstainedangel, Chitinous, dish0ut, gallantEclipse, Jenosis, Luneria2 and neondeamon.

    [​IMG] Doodles of Tobbvald, Supeh Mario, me, me, Snarferman, Samrux and dish0ut.

    [​IMG] Doodles of Loki (x2), Arkhalis and Safemanda.

    [​IMG] Doodle of young Crystal.

    [​IMG] Doodle of Riowar's updated armor design.

    [​IMG] Riowar's armor.

    [​IMG] Doodles of various things like characters from Snarferman and M4D-4LI3N.

    [​IMG] Fezola.

    [​IMG] Cenx, Nixa from Milt69466, Arkhalis and Ajidot.

    [​IMG] Giorno Giovanna from JoJo.

    [​IMG] fast

    [​IMG] Myrium from Snarferman, and past designs of her. (On the left is the current design, the one with the cultist mask was the first design, the one with the red triangle was the second design and the small one in the center was the third design.)
  3. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    It's been a while.

    I got a request done - after 3 months.

    And things since last post, like usual.
    Something I made for @Sodapone's birthday a month ago. Not in the spoiler because I like it a lot. c:

    [​IMG] Malil from Snarferman, Pharragan from Szaila (lifting up Amani from BitPieStudios) and Dragonith!

    [​IMG] Milt from Milt69466.. eating a tablet! This had context but I forgot it.

    [​IMG] D-Town and Crowno!

    [​IMG] darthmorf and his brother Ellhoir!

    [​IMG] Something I made for Suweeka's birthday - their character Defend!

    [​IMG] Soapoas, Ambrys and Myrium from Snarferman!

    [​IMG] Milt from Milt69466 again! Thing I drawn as a joke when it was Halloween!

    [​IMG] Halloween - Neko-Chan from Neko-Chan and Amani from BitPieStudios dressing up as each other!

    [​IMG] XenoCat's new ride! Featuring her character Vare Nosk.

    [​IMG] Halloween - Pharragan from Szaila as DIO from JoJo! Scarlet from Scarecrow and Ambrys from Snarferman as each other!

    [​IMG] Little gif I made of Nixa and Yun from Milt69466!

    [​IMG] Cat girl from Snarferman!

    [​IMG] A flower... hexagon.. star? Yeah!

    [​IMG] Old characters based on the webcomic Homestuck from me and some friends!

    [​IMG] My characters Fezola and Riowa in their armor!

    [​IMG] My characters!

    [​IMG] Helena from Milt69466!

    [​IMG] Flynn from Mocha!

    [​IMG] My character Riskim! Also Okuyasu, Koichi and Rohan from JoJo!

    [​IMG] The father of my character Crystal! I don't have a name for him yet.

    [​IMG] Leinfors!

    [​IMG] My girl characters when they were children!

    [​IMG] JoJo things! Also Kurt from neondeamon, Crystal from me and Jenosis from.. Jenosis!

    [​IMG] It's me!

    [​IMG] Riowa, Carula from Szaila, Kandence from Dragonith, Onyx from Star Wrath and Sanguine from Sodapone!

    [​IMG] Riowa and her mother!

    [​IMG] Fates, my spirit character!
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  4. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Leinfors' face is dope.
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  5. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    It's been a while.. again.
    I haven't done any of the requests. Yes, I'm sorry. I'll get to it sometime when I feel more productive artwise.

    [​IMG] My character Fezola in a bikini Rariaz drew for her.

    [​IMG] My new characters Choro and Brilo! They're the twin brothers of my character Riskim.

    [​IMG] New reference for my character Crystal.

    Other things.
    [​IMG] Fezola as a kid that I drew for something that had to include a bird, a windmill and a ship.

    [​IMG] Something of the story of my characters. I changed it since then and it isn't really 'canon' anymore.

    [​IMG] Masai from Jenosis

    [​IMG] Orith from Vladimier, Paint Vampire from Snarferman, Akatsuki from Aurora3500 and trainer sona from Roxie.

    [​IMG] Drawing of PersonaTea's characters Tea and Gillian for her birthday.

    [​IMG] Erienna Nakagai from.. Erienna Nakagai

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Star, Supeh Mario and Corenality.

    [​IMG] Lil joke comic featuring Paint Vampire and Ambrys from Snarferman and Pharragan from Szaila.

    [​IMG] Snake boy from Jenosis. (bonus)

    [​IMG] My character Riowa except she's has a hat inspired by the hat of Diego from JJBA Part 7: Steel Ball Run.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Corenality, Hax4ever and Luneria2.

    [​IMG] Colored Riskim from the drawpile above.

    [​IMG] Wolf character from aWolfen.

    [​IMG] Moon Lad.

    [​IMG] Updated reference for my character Riskim.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Corenality.

    [​IMG] Tonic from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Ajidot.

    [​IMG] Shapes.

    [​IMG] Dunno.

    [​IMG] Fezola and Riowa.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Keiko from Milt69466.

    [​IMG] XenoCat's old neko characters except they are Jojo.

    [​IMG] Myrium from Snarferman.

    [​IMG] Thing I took very serious.

    [​IMG] Silly doodles of characters from Corenality.

    [​IMG] Scarlet from Scarecrow.

    [​IMG] Malil from Snarferman, 2 unnamed characters from Corenality and Celeste from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Joke comic featuring Hydrate and Tonic from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] agent_alx motorboating XenoCat

    [​IMG] Birthday drawing for Dragonith, with most of his characters. (bonus 1 + bonus 2)

    [​IMG] Plaguerion.

    [​IMG] Ingwer from Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Some traditional doodles of my characters. (click for big version)

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Ajidot, Dragonith and Corenality.

    [​IMG] Pixel heads of my characters.

    [​IMG] Crystal.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with DG-VR. and ppowersteef.

    [​IMG] Helena from Milt, Sodapop from Sodapone and Myrium from Snarferman.

    [​IMG] Proto from Milt.

    [​IMG] Silvyne from ppowersteef.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Luneria2, Ajidot and Corenality.

    [​IMG] Placeholder information tab icon for my twin characters.

    [​IMG] Style doodles of my character Crystal.

    [​IMG] Markus from DG-VR.

    [​IMG] Doodle for the birthday of Milt's character Helena (also Hydrate from Sodapone and Riowa from me)

    [​IMG] Fusions of Helena from Milt, Sodapop from Sodapone and Myrium from Snarferman.

    [​IMG] Crystal and Fezola.

    [​IMG] Proto from Milt, Electrolyte from Sodapone and Keiko from Milt based on the beginning of some vocaloid video called Triple Baka.

    [​IMG] Meet the artist thing featuring: me.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Ajidot, Luneria2 and Corenality.

    [​IMG] Crystal, Kurt from neondeamon, Jenosis, Clara from Erienna Nakagai, Malil from Snarferman, Star from Supeh Mario and Tobbvald from Tobbvald.

    [​IMG] A green penguin that is probably Jetstream.

    [​IMG] Riowa and she's tired.

    [​IMG] Phoris family.

    [​IMG] Carbonata sisters from Sodapone (and Yun from Milt)

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Supeh Mario, Corenality and Mocha.

    [​IMG] Nixa from Milt.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Corenality, Dragonith and ppowersteef.

    [​IMG] Younger Crystal.

    [​IMG] Arkhalis!

    [​IMG] Riowa and Fezola.

    [​IMG] A bad meme (featuring Suweeka, w1k, Matsu, 『Voltear』 and Omnir)

    [​IMG] My character Brilo.

    [​IMG] Phoris family, again.

    [​IMG] Birthday doodle for Chitinous.

    [​IMG] Lil comic featuring Proto from Milt and Crysta.

    [​IMG] Crystal as an old guy (later reworked into the reference I made above)

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Luneria2, ppowersteef and Corenality.

    [​IMG] Wolf from aWolfen again.

    [​IMG] Doodles of Mocha, GroxTheGreat, Ajidot, Szaila, Aurora and Sodapone.

    [​IMG] Terraria character version of Riskim.

    [​IMG] Drawpile with Hax4Ever and Luneria2.

    [​IMG] A character from some guy.

    [​IMG] Chibis of Crystal and Milt's character Helena.

    [​IMG] Gyate Gyate of Nixa from Milt.
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  6. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    Doodle dump.

    [​IMG] Arkhalis' new dev armor.

    [​IMG] 2 drawings of my character Crystal, and little heads of every current Re-Logic member as well as Solsund and AaronC.

    [​IMG] Milt's character Balthasar.

    [​IMG] A little joke drawing I did for Easter - Crowno painting Loki's head like an egg.

    [​IMG] My character Brilo. Except he only wears boxers. And socks.

    [​IMG] Arkhalis, yet again.

    [​IMG] My character Choro.

    [​IMG] Chibi heads of my characters.

    [​IMG] Head of Milt's character Helena.

    [​IMG] A couple of my characters - Motuz, Parents of Crystal (Irmo and Capi), Crystal, Fates, Riowa's mother (Rebecca) and Riowa.

    [​IMG] A couple of doodles for a couple of people. As following: Neuro and Orion from Szaila, ppowersteef from ppowersteef, Nissa from Sodapone, Mata from Milt, Helior from TheQuietBisharp, Flynn from Mocha, Markus from DG-VR, Maya from Snarferman, Masai from Jenosis and Dandy Cane from Corenality.

    [​IMG] My characters Crystal and Riskim.

    [​IMG] Andrae and Nath Phoris, parents of my other Phoris characters. (more Andrea)
    Nath has some weird proportions, I know.

    [​IMG] Idea I had for Choro. When in water he gains characteristics of a fish. (similarly to Neptune's Shell in Terraria)

    [​IMG] Duri from Hax4Ever.

    [​IMG] A random little character I doodled. (another art of them)

    [​IMG] My characters Fezola and Riowa in their armor.

    [​IMG] Capi and the unnamed random character from above.
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  7. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    More art. There's also a request at the bottom of the post. (Others will follow soon.)
    [​IMG]Leinfors' dev armor.

    [​IMG] Safemanda and her Sun

    And all the other art I've done.
    [​IMG] Arkhayla

    [​IMG] My character Brilo.

    [​IMG] Myrium, Potato and Paint Vampire, characters from Snarferman.

    [​IMG] Cenx.

    [​IMG] My character Fezola. Drawn with a tool that mirrors what you draw.

    [​IMG] Cenx again. Stay tuned, she will be here one more time a little further down.

    [​IMG] Yoraiz0r.

    [​IMG] Ark again.

    [​IMG] Pedguin thinking. (Pedguin thonking.)

    [​IMG] Digital redraw of my traditional drawing of Capi from my last art post.

    [​IMG] Leinfors again. Or well, I drew this before the one above.

    [​IMG] Updated Fezola's old reference. Therefore this isn't really new art, but I feel it's worth showing anyway.

    [​IMG] Aurora3500's character Akatsuki with shades.

    [​IMG] My character Crystal being confused by something.

    [​IMG] Birthday drawings for a few friends. Tovyln, Grox The Great, Jenosis, Scarecrow and Doylee.

    [​IMG] Unnamed random character, Motuz and young Crystal.

    [​IMG] Cenx yet again.

    [​IMG] Ghostar.

    [​IMG] Characters from the best comics in the world. (featuring QuackersDelta and Plaguerion)

    [​IMG] Doodles of all my main characters.

    [​IMG] A birthday drawing for Milt, with his characters Nixa and Balthasar watching the Stardust Moon.

    [​IMG] My current avatar, smug Crystal. Based on a scene with Neito Monoma from episode 17 of My Hero Academia.

    Sorry you had to wait such a long time.
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  8. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    It's been 10 months since the last post here, so time for another compilation of what I did.

    A lot of things in the spoiler below, as per usual.
    [​IMG] New design for Crystal's armor.

    [​IMG] New design for Fezola's armor.

    [​IMG] Ghostar

    [​IMG] The skeleton merch.

    [​IMG] Crystal's older armor design.

    [​IMG] :eek:k_hand:

    [​IMG] Yrimir.

    [​IMG] My four main ocs.

    [​IMG] Fezola and Motuz

    [​IMG] Phoris boys.

    [​IMG] Late birthday doodle for Jimmarn. Pose is based on an actual picture of him.

    [​IMG] A bunch of late birthday doodles. (Aurora, TheQuietBisharp, Midnight Moonlight, Valkyrie, Darthkitten, Rariaz, ppowersteef, Samrux, Snarferman, Supeh Mario.)

    [​IMG] Part 2 of late birthday doodles, and Matsu. (EldritchBee, Snickerbobble, aWolfen, w1k, Keigora)

    [​IMG] Would you like to sit on a floating piece of land in the middle of nowhere? He doesn't seem to.

    [​IMG] I'm still surprised barely anyone has drawn his armor.

    [​IMG] A reference for my newest character, 'Threetoe'.

    [​IMG] I sure wonder, who are they looking at here.

    [​IMG] My main in-game Terraria character, ppowersteef and darthmorf.

    [​IMG] #1

    [​IMG] A different take on Safemanda's 'character'. As well as Cenx.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Pixel art of Fate.

    [​IMG] Maluh and Zac

    [​IMG] A slight revamp of a really old drawing.

    [​IMG] Character from a game a friend used to work on.

    [​IMG] Doodles, mostly my characters, but also Masai from Jenosis, Arkhayla, Crowno and something I'm not sure about, but it feels.. transient.

    [​IMG] Edit of one of the images in the previous post.

    [​IMG] Crystal (based on above), doodles of Kazzymodus and Safemanda.

    [​IMG] First doodle of new design for Crystal's hair.

    [​IMG] Second drawing of new hair. I like the shorter look a lot more.

    [​IMG] This one's meant to show it off a little better. I still need to apply it to my references for him.
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  9. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    It's been a while again. Also looks like puush has purged most of my art in the posts above... ;c

    [​IMG] Khaios, the evergreen.

    [​IMG] Silhouettes of my main characters.

    And more in the spoiler below.
    [​IMG] I still really like how the lightning turned out on this.



    [​IMG] At some point I just felt like drawing Leinfors in a anime pose.

    [​IMG]Crys.. crys.. crys.. There's a lot of him this time.

    [​IMG] A slight battle suit redesign of the redesign in the post above this one.

    [​IMG] Early, now outdated battle suit design for Kim.

    [​IMG] Crys and.. alternate Crys.

    [​IMG] Mo.


    [​IMG] Crys twofold, Badru and some spiky dude.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Slight update of Riowa's armor design.

    [​IMG] Less outdated, but unfinished battle suit design for Kim.

    [​IMG] Most of my OCs with various expressions.

    [​IMG] Crys before he suddenly decided to have his hair combed up most of the time.

    [​IMG][​IMG] A lot of character sketches.

    [​IMG] DG-VR's ocs, Markus and Xiao

    [​IMG] Crys put a cat ear hairband on his head.

    [​IMG] First sketch of a new sword.

    [​IMG]Crys with the PTea sweater.

    [​IMG] Updated reference for Crys with his newer hairstyle and proper art of the new sword.

    [​IMG] Something for next stream never, also known as Demize.

    [​IMG] I just like how I drew his hair here.

    [​IMG] My entry for the 8th Terraria Anniversary contest.

    [​IMG] More Re-Logic.

    [​IMG] Would you like some soda? [InstaFiz]

    [​IMG] New clothes for Fezo.

    [​IMG] Friend sketches [Overg, Akuma, darthmorf and Khaios.]

    [​IMG] Chibi cats. [DG-VR, Milt and Ghostar]

    [​IMG] Flannel isn't easy to draw.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Mo, twos.

    [​IMG] ooooo [me in the center surrounded by darthmorf, Akuma, Khaios, ppowersteef, MiltVala and DG-VR]

    [​IMG] He's ready to pat.. watch out.

    [​IMG] Alternate crys again.
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  10. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    I LOVE those silhouettes!
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  11. Akuma

    Akuma Plantera

    Gud stuff :3
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  12. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Looking great as always! Those silhouettes are cool.
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  13. JanyG

    JanyG Steampunker

    I love the way you make hair and faces, it looks amazingly good!
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