Crimson or corruption?

It depends on which class you plan on going for, most of em prefer Crimson (Mage, Melee, Summoner) but if you want to do Ranger is highly benefits from Corruption.

If you don't know which class you wanna go for that's fine, all in all it doesn't really matter that much. The only reason it is class specific is because of Biome Mimics. The opposite Biome Mimic is more difficult to farm so you just want whichever class prefers which Biome Mimic. Ranger like the Corruption Mimic for Putrid Scent and Dart Rifle, cursed darts are also really nice. However these are all achievable on a Crimson World: During Hardmode if the Dryad is in a Graveyard Biome she will sell Corruption Seeds (Crimson Seeds on a Corruption World) which you can use to make a Corruption Biome.
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