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Crimson Soul of Night Variant

Good suggestion?

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So, as you know, the Soul of Night in Terraria is purple. This was a great color for the corruption soul before the 1.2 update. But, when the Crimson was introduced, it adopted the same purple Soul. I propose that in Crimson worlds the soul of night will be red instead of purple.
I don't know if this should be a separate item and act like the "any wood" recipes, or a purely visual change depending on the world. I guess it is up to the devs to decide.
"But Face Monster, the Souls of Fright are already red!!" Actually they are more of an orangeish red than the dark red of this one, so its all good, right?

Someone also suggested i should do a Key of Night variant! KeyofNight.png (thanks Spazmatism7!)
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