Single Thread RP Crisis Averted: Skyrim RolePlay


Brain of Cthulhu
"Well if you've told other people already then you've at least gone through talking about it before."
“W-well…when I was trying to learn shouts all those years ago, I felt guilty about not participating in the fight again the dragons sooner…and a dragon priest tricked me into taking a powerful soul, saying it would allow me to help…however, the soul was so powerful, it gained the ability to take over my mind occasionally…it forced me to commit horrible crimes, while all I could do was watch…in order to help me avoid execution, a mage put me in a state of hibernation, and tried to remove the dragon soul…he was unable to…I only became conscious again recently without my memories, and thanks to Rakeun and Elijah, the soul is finally gone…memory wise, most of it has come back, but some of it is still a bit foggy…but that’s my experience when something taking a toll on my mind…”
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