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Mobile Critical Issues Report About Re-Optimization

Your Terraria Device
Huawei Y6s
Mobile Bug Priority
Mobile OS
Android 9
I've found a critical issues on Terraria Mobile after played for 1 year and 1 month ago.

After played for about 3 hours continuously, the game and whole system has been stopped and all apps has been shut down temporary.

I think the game should be re-optimized, please ckeck, fix this and release as an emergency update.

Additional Data:

This issues occur when I've been used the keyboard in Terraria Mobile for many times (Play via TerLauncher Pro are also affected)
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The Destroyer
I think this has something to do with your device and not the game, if other apps have been shut down temporarily, well then it may be your phone because i beleive terraria can't do anything to that(unless it isn't the vanila game)
but hey what do i know about things i am just a simple common person you see around(wait you don't cause you can't see my actual face)
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