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tAPI Crystal Ores Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by DemonikD, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    Hello everyone!

    Today I'm gonna post my new mod.
    Me and a friend wanted to create a mod using the idea of having elemental things based objects.
    This means that you will have the possibility to create 4 different item sets using 4 differents new ores (Fire, Water, Air, Earth), which are made of pure elemental crystal.

    Here u have the download link for the mod.
    Please let us know what u think about it, and be kind ^^

    DemonikD & ScarletBen


    Fire Crystal Item Set

    Fire Crystal Armor
    Allows you to swim into lava, be enlighted like a torch and provides protection from the fire block such as hellstones or meteorite.
    DEF Total 25
    Set Bonus +18% Melee and Crit Damage

    Water Crystal Item Set

    Water Crystal Armor
    Allows you to swim into water, breathe water and walk on water.
    DEF Total 28
    Set Bonus +14% Magic and Crit Damage and 14% Reduced mana usage

    Air Crystal Item Set

    Air Crystal Armor
    Allows you to jump high, slow falling and provides a double jump.
    DEF Total 16
    Set Bonus 20% chance to not consume ammo and high movement speed.

    Earth Crystal Item Set

    Earth Crystal Armor
    It gives you +4 minions.
    DEF Total 37
    Set Bonus +20% Summon Damage and immunity to knockback.

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    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
  2. xXKhyXx

    xXKhyXx Plantera

    Will download this when I get the time, I'll edit my post with my opinion.
  3. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    Ok if you need some info please feel free to ask :)
  4. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Before downloading i would like to know the following stuff:
    -How powerful are the items, made from the these ores ?
    -When does it spawn and what pickaxe power you will need to mine it ?
    -Screenshots please
  5. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    Those items are designed to be a pre-hardmode set of items and for obtaining those ores you'll need at least a Gold or Platinum Pickaxe plus the crafting station called Elemental Furnace for making the Bars.

    Bars are needed in order to craft armors, tools and weapon.

    For the recipes u can give to the guide any crystal ore u find and gold bars.

    Screenshot coming soon, sorry we are not used to this ^^
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  6. IcyPenguin

    IcyPenguin Plantera

    It seems that your helmets won't work on mannequins, but here's a small screenshot to show of some items included in this mod.
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  7. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Is that the omnir's crystals? Did you ask him.
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  8. IcyPenguin

    IcyPenguin Plantera

    It might be a texture conflict, I'm testing it without Omnir's mod atm.
    EDIT: Nope, it still looks like this without Omnir's mod
  9. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    There is no problem in changing crystal sprites, we thought to use those pics because they are the same as final fantasy crystals and nothing more. We will remove it right away.

    As for the mannequin, we will work on fixing it.

    Thank you all for your reply and interest, we are new to this and we wish only to give you something nice to play with.

    We apologize for the inconvenient, making the first adjustments asap.

    If anyone has suggestion please feel free to write on this thread :)

    DemonikD & ScarletBen
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  10. Kaji Invisus

    Kaji Invisus Steampunker

    DemonikD: I've been thinking of something really interesting for this mod!
    Magic weapons, and combination items.

    For example: The fire crystals could be used to make a fiery magic weapon.
    The Air crystals could be used to make a magic support weapon, that gives you a buff.

    Also, by combination items:
    All combination items have sets included.
    Must be crafted at a mythril/orichalcum anvil.
    Crafting an Air and Water crystal together will create a Storm crystal.
    Crafting a Water and Fire crystal together will create an Energy.
    Crafting a Water and Earth crystal together will create a Hydrated Earth crystal.
    Crafting a Fire and Earth crystal together will create a Lava crystal.
    Crafting an Earth and Air crystal together will create a Dust crystal.

    Fiery Revolver (Possibly crafted with Fiery Ingots, and a Phoenix Magnum?)
    Has a higher chance of igniting an enemy than the Phoenix Magnum.

    High-powered Magnum (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Aerated Ingots?)
    Has lowered damage, but extremely high knock-back.

    Water gun (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Watered Ingots?)
    Has lowest damage of all the elemental pistols, but the highest fire-rate.

    Earthen Pistol (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Earthen Ingots?)
    Has highest damage of all the elemental pistols, but the slowest fire-rate.

    Charged Pistol (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Electrical Ingots (Storm Crystal)?)
    Balanced combination of High-powered Magnum and Water Gun.

    Energy Discharger (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Energized Ingots (Energy Crystal)?)
    Balanced combination of Fiery Revolver and Water Gun.

    Muddy Pistol (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Muddy Ingots (Hydrated Earth Crystal)?)
    Balanced combination of Water Gun and Earthen Pistol.

    Magma Magnum (Possibly crafted with a revolver and Lava Ingots (Lava Crystal)?)
    Balanced Combination of Fiery Revolver and Earthen Pistol.

    Dusty Revolver (Possibly crafted with a Revolver and Dusty Ingots (Dust Crystal)?)
    Balanced Combination of High-powered Magnum and Earthen Pistol.
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  11. IcyPenguin

    IcyPenguin Plantera

    I was thinking of something like a crystallized monster, which drops a (few) crystal(s) on death.
  12. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    This is an idea we already had but since we find golems that do the same thing in GRealm mod, and we would prefer not to steal anybodys work, we're thinking on a different kind of solution to obtain "basic" crystal ores after hardmode is unlocked.

    I like your idea, we were already thinking about a similar thing, we will take it into consideration now that we are working on the hardmode part of the entire mod
    I really thank you for this suggestion.

    DemonikD & ScarletBen
  13. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Maybe add a new workstation (Ore Converter) and you can crafting your ores on it. Some recipe ideas:
    Crystal Shard x10 + Water Bucket x1 = Fire ore x30 + Empty Bucket
    Crystal Shard x10 + Lava Bucket x1 = Water ore x30 + Empty Bucket
    Crystal Shard x10 + Cloud x25 = Air ore x30
    Crystal Shard x20 + Dirt x50 = Earth ore x30
  14. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    Nice idea, but what about an NPC selling basic ores?
    I personally think it would be better an NPC like the Traveling Merchant
  15. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Well, it's up to you to decide. I personaly think that instead of adding a new NPC, maybe one of the vanilla Npc's will sell your ores when you enter hardmode? (I suggest the wizard)
  16. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    That is exactly what i was thinking about :)
  17. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Where is the download btw ?
  18. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    Few seconds and i will upload, im fixin some tooltips
  19. DemonikD

    DemonikD Terrarian

    download ready
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  20. ZerumeNote

    ZerumeNote Terrarian

    I like this mod so far, But I've run into a problem. After I made the elemental forge, I couldn't place it.