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Crystal Shoelaces

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Howdy all! Game mechanics get a little dull, so taking another crack at some ascessories. Here we go!

The crystal shoelaces are crafted with 25 crystal shards and 5 souls of light at an anvil. When equipped (as an ascessory) crystals will form at the ground the player is on. This crystals extend about a block upwards and deal 30 damage to any foe unfortunate enough to touch them, until dissipating after 1 second. They do not deal damage to cultists and will form on the roof if the player is flipping gravity. The accessory is not too powerful in itself, but in clever combinations can become dangerous tools.


Maybe have the crystals fall if you use it on the roof? I don't really like the idea of a whole line of accessories just for gravity changing though...


The Destroyer
This sounds very neat. I would love to see it in the game, but if not, let's hope it gets put in a popular mod!


It's not designed around the gravity globe and potion. I'm just making sure it maintains use flipped. The falling crystals actually sounds pretty cool though.
nah, I was just saying that the reason I wouldn't like the crystals falling is because it would be an item that directly benefits from gravity flipping, not that your item was already based around that...
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