cs csworld file extension?

Discussion in 'Mobile In-Game Support' started by jackn88, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. jackn88

    jackn88 Terrarian

    what are the file with extension .cs .csworld?
  2. Nike Leon

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    I'm not sure why you'd need to know that but here are the rules about messing with Mobile files. Read the 3rd spoiler.
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  3. PrivateMufasa

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    It was announced on the other forum before the cross-over that discussions of modding and use of 3rd party applications on mobile versions of Terraria is prohibited. There would be no other reason for wanting to know the file extentions, but incase of interest and it not being directly related to modding, .cs stands for c# (c sharp) - its a programming language used to develop Terraria.
  4. rmanx90

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    .cs in this case stands for cloud save. There are no specific issues with discussing this as far as I can tell from reading the policies. The .cs file is your cloud character and .csworld file is your cloud world. No one here is hacking anything or discussing modifications to the game, I'm pretty sure they just want to know about a file in their google drive.