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Xbox One Cursed and Ichor Campfires are having trouble being used underwater

Small but annoying Bug:

Ichor and Cursed Flame Campfires are having problems being placed underwater. If water flows above them, they are destroyed, and when being place below water, it takes a few tries before they are actually placed. If I try to place a Cursed Campfire underwater, then it will be destroyed 3 or 4 times untill it gets placed normally. Ichor Campfires work the same way, except I do not get the campfire back when it is destroyed, the item just vanishes.

Also, if I place a block next to a campfire after it has been successfully placed underwater, that destroys it as well.

Further playing shows that any campfirea that I have managed to place underwater successfully are later destroyed when I re-load the world.
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The Destroyer
I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to use campfires underwater, even if they're Cursed or Ichor. I should know, being an Xbox One player myself.
The wiki shows that Cursed and Ichor Campfires are the only two campfires that can be placed underwater. They probably work fine on PC, if I could try it there I would. Also, normal campfires cannot be placed underwater at all. Cursed and Ichor fires at least show the placing animation when you try to place them, which is good evidence that they are supposed to work underwater, it is just bugged.


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I tried this for myself on both the PC and Mobile versions and I was able to place Cursed/Ichor campfires underwater. They also stayed in place even after I let water flow onto them.

I don't have the Xbox One version so I can't try it on that platform unfortunately. This is an interesting bug. It should certainly be possible to place them underwater and have them stay even if they're submerged in water.
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