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CT 0197 Rosé

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Hey there. Ok so for a few months I've wanted to create a mod or atleast texture pack. I've always had this one armor concept and I even have a model of it. My main problem is trying to animate it (aka the arms and legs). I'll figure it out but eventually, but for now I'm trying to figure out how I'd place the moving model in-game and add stats, and the effects ect. I don't usually code or atleast I haven't in years so any help would be greatly appreciated. Even an app or software I can use would be great. Hopefully I can make it a reality sooner or later.

Inserted is the standstill for my armor (Apparition Armor) with only the eyes currently moving.


  • Apparition Armor 2.0 (1).gif
    Apparition Armor 2.0 (1).gif
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