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PC Custom font by editing png (NEED HELP)


Official Terrarian
Hey! I'm currently trying to make a custom font for 1.4 but I need some help. I used the infamous XNA method but all of my fonts looked very bad (no text smoothing,shadows). So I had the idea to edit the png files from the xnb files in the fonts folder. To unpack the xnb files I used TConvert and it worked perfectly. I edited the first image from the extracted xnb (the only I wanted) but I was left with a bunch of other font pngs. The issue is that TConvert can only pack ONE png for a single xnb which would result to Terraria not launching (missing files). So, that's where I need your help... I want a method to pack all of these pngs into a single xnb file. Also, I would highly appreciate if someone could actually suggest the best custom font making method or if could help me replicate ningishu's font (Roadbrush).

worth mentioning that ningishu's font size is probably 11


  • Ningishu's font.png
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