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Well, my first tModLoader mod, CPS Mod.

From tAPI to N Terraria, and from N Terraria to tModLoader v0.10.1.1.

Change Log said:
* Version 0.9
*- Removed the recurring text that appeared when the inventory was opened.
*- To open the Hud changing window, you must use an item named "Mirror" to turn on the toggle.
*-- The item is automatically acquired when creating a new character, If you lost it for some reason, you can buy it from the Merchant.
* Version 0.9(.25 in out minds)
*- Character body and head sprites will no longer be affected by the choice of gender or outfit of the character.
*-- Outfit sprites will still be different depending on the outfit and gender you choose for your character.

This mod allows you to change your character skin to a custom skin sprite.
You may add skins by going inside tModLoader save folder (Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader) and
entering PlayerSkins (will appear once the mod is loaded once), placing the folder of the skin, or creating a folder
for your custom skin, and placing the extracted and modified (.png files please) skin files.


Currently, it allows you to change the Hair, Alternative Hair, Armors, Default Outfits and Player Appearance files.
Just place inside the folder the sprites that are going to be modified, be sure to leave the name of the file the same as
the vanirraria name(Except for the extension of the filem, that must be in .png), and they will appear in-game in a few moments,
in case the sprite does not exists, the game will load vanirraria sprite.

To change your skin, enter a world with your character, If you created a new character, you will acquire an item named Mirror, If you are using an already existing character, you may buy it from the Merchant, use that item and change your skin by clicking the options, clicking also makes them scroll.

Also, I added 3 entries that may be usefull for your sprites.
"Ear_Back.png", "Ear_Front.png" and "Tail.png" may be used for... Well, I guess I does not need to tell,
in case you need to use it, feel free to, just beware because I believe the tail sprite have a little offset, so be
sure to test the sprite in-game if you plan on implementing a tail.

Lazy Mode

  1. Skins folder is found inside Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\PlayerSprites folder.
  2. Place the folder of Texture Packs inside that folder, or create a folder for your Texture pack.
  3. Textures must be in .png.
  4. Currently, only Armor sets, Hairs, Alt Hairs and Player Skin can be changed by this mod.
  5. The texture files must have vanilla texture names.
  6. Open Inventory and use an item named "Mirror" (If you doesn't have it, buy from the Merchant), and change your skin.
  7. Skins are saved with the player character.
  8. "Ear_Back.png", "Ear_Front.png" and "Tail.png" can be used for custom drawing, they will be drawn when they should be.
  9. Tail texture may have different offset.

:joy: Be sure to backup your player saves before testing the mod, I am not sure if it will work 100%.:zombie:

You can download the mod here:!QhAjXYTT!BAR8eiMbX_WhcdEZuJtVKw

The source can be found here:!Up5VHSRa!cQKAX0BIdMQuKLiQX8NgEPYjerF9GmmjfNbNxKHJlVg

Have fun.

Not Frequently Asked Questions, but more likelly "Predicted Questions".
Q: Does this replaces the skin of all player characters in the game?
A: No, just the skin of the characters you choose.
Q: May I share the texture pack I made for CPS Mod?
A: Yes, I am sure that the Texture Packs section of this forum would be very fitting for this. But I guess a social group about this mod would be better...
Q: Other players will see my texture pack when I'm on multiplayer?
A: No, there is no multiplayer system to allow you to see other player skins, or vice versa.
Q: Do you plan on making more mods for tModLoader?
A: I am not sure, but depending on how things goes with this mod, I may be able to, because tModLoader modding kit is really friendly and the
examples are very helpfull, so I believe I would even be able to port other systems to tModLoader, the only bad is if the api is not updated on the next
Terraria update...
Q: Do you have a Texture pack that I can test this on?
A: Yes, you can find it alongside the mod file on the download link folder.
Install the contents in PlayerSkins inside My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/PlayerSkins folder.
Q: Where can I get resources to make my own Texture Pack?
A: Use Terraria textures, you can extract them with TConvert, which is conveniently highlighted in mod release session of the forums. Do notice that to the modded image files work, you must not turn them into xnb, leave them as png instead.
If you want models, you may want to download the models I've made, this will help you kickstart your custom sprite:!UlQWAAIb!YiAGRkhmqWcWtPyNm1NTwhTDQqUDeAoP7211kT6rONk
Q: I want to give continuity to the mod.
A: Go ahead, I just don't recommend you to directly copy and paste the mod scripts, since they are not very optimal, since It's quite a poor conversion from the N Terraria mod version of it. If you want to launch the mod for other people to try it, be sure to give me credits for it.
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This looks great!Maybe you ca try to make some more textures for us the experiment with?
If you tried with N Terraria racial sprites, they will not work, since they does not have vanilla Terraria sprite names.
If for example you want the Skeleton head sprite on your char, you would need to rename the sprite to Player_0_0.png.
There you go.
Extract and place the folder inside PlayerSprite folder.


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if you want to make a skin, you have to name all the .png files to "Player_0_0"?

Edit: nevermind about the question i put up there, the thing is, i made a skin but whenever i move (or do anything other than stand still), the custom parts of the skin disappear and also, i have the same issue as "Terraria planetauri", it changes the players skin color
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if you want to make a skin, you have to name all the .png files to "Player_0_0"?

Edit: nevermind about the question i put up there, the thing is, i made a skin but whenever i move (or do anything other than stand still), the custom parts of the skin disappear and also, i have the same issue as "Terraria planetauri", it changes the players skin color
To know what part is which, extract Terraria player sprite files (Player_x_y files) and then modify it.
Is easier that way.

The extractor may be found on this forum if you search.
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