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Hi Nakano, really loving your mod :) wondering what you think about implementing a hair feature? Is it possible in CPS or should I go in myself to do that?

My partner requested Sailor Moon. But he only likes it with the hair.


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You can make custom hair sprites for your skin, just set the name of the file as "Player_Hair_X.png", being X the a value from 0 to, well, the maximum number of hair styles you can have in the game. I'm not sure if Hair 0 will work, so you may also test Hair 1 too.
If your character should have a different haircut when wearing certain hats, like Crowns and Caps, then you should also add a variant sprite of the hair on "Player_HairAlt_X.png", being X the value of the hair variant.
Thanks Nakano, Player_Hair_0 worked :D

The Sailor Moon spritesheet is attached for anyone who's curious.

Do you have any ideas about how to change eye, skin, or hair color? In-game my player stubbornly kept his own colors.

My attempts at modding have not been successful. Looking into tModLoader documentation, color variables look like they're under PlayerHeadDrawInfo. However I can't access the variables.


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You can use the Stylist npc to change the hair color, and use the Dresser to change the outfit colors.
No need of mods in that case.
so anyone still interested in this mod, or anyone who looks into it, i suggest you look into Mirsario's "ArmorHelper" tool. while this may not be its original purpose, i believe it would help considerably for anyone who wants that extra level of customization for their characters.
since im here, essa. while what you have requested is doable, to not make Armour jarring in such a project it would take redoing every piece. since the pixie doesn't work off the base human sprite. i would suggest just adding the glow and wings using this mod if you are not looking for a major time investment, hence using the tail and ear files to make the glow and the wings, probably back ear for the glow, front ear for a wing and tail for the other ear, this may seem confusing if you haven't used this mod prior but i assure you once you get into the grit of it, its quite easy... except the general suckyness of spriting where i suggest you use the tool i suggested prior.
Make a body sprite animation setup for the character, maybe from the body body itself, or use the vanity outfit in case want to add different pixie skins, and place the pixie sprites and animations on it, then make all the other body pieces have invisible sprites with an empty texture.

The bad is that you wont be able to make it fly (unless you are underwater and has an accessory for swimming).
Ok I've (sorta) managed to make the skin, but I warn you, I am terrible at stuff like this.


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Updated the Raccoon tail skin sprite, you can find the new spritesheet inside the zip, on the same link that the mod is downloaded from, aswell as added on the main post a link to dummy sprites that might be helpful when making a new custom sprite.​

Also, in the future, an update for CPS Mod might be coming, I already noticed that attempting to check the recipe book while the skin tip text
is in front of it is really annoying.
Ok I've (sorta) managed to make the skin, but I warn you, I am terrible at stuff like this.
The sprite you did is actually good, but is lacking animation and is flickering around, you didn't used an appropriated program to do that spritesheet, right?
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Launched update 0.9.
Change Log said:
* Version 0.9
*- Removed the recurring text that appeared when the inventory was opened.
*- To open the Hud changing window, you must use an item named "Mirror" to turn on the toggle.
*-- The item is automatically acquired when creating a new character, If you lost it for some reason, you can buy it from the Merchant.
The hud no longer will cause you troubles to see the recipes, but now, I'm going to start a research to make use of the sprite frames 1 to 5, whose have no use for Tail and Leg sprites. I'm planning on making them get an animation possibility when the player is stopped.
Edit:. I believe that even the ears could have an animation, what do you think?
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Pal, I saw on an image posted by you that you have a Lihzahrd sprite. Can you upload it here? I would love it! :rslime:
Edit:Oh damn, I forgot to add it to the zip, I'll try to do that some time later.

Well, I've updated the PlayerSkins zip in the mod download directory with the Lihzahrd race sprites from N Terraria mod,
just do notice that sprites may not fit very well on the armors, so It's recommended to leave your character wearing a full
Familiar Vanity Set.
I launched an update right now, the update will make so head sprites (head and eyes sprites) and body skin sprites (body, arms and legs) no longer gets the sprite information based on the outfit or gender you used on your character, so they are unissex and
Well, both genders and any outfit will have the same face and body sprites now.

Ah, another thing you'll notice is that I forgot to change the update number. Oops.
Well, imagine that the update is actually 0.9.25.
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