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Danny's Suggestive Titles

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
These are all the suggestions I've made, with much more to come:happy:

The Savannah - a (currently incomplete) jungle alternate!
....and don't forget the Banana, the mushroom alt that goes along with it!
Upcoming biomes:
  • The Scorch, a burning, blackened Snow alternate
  • The Frost, a place were hell has truly frozen over.
  • A currently unnamed corruption alternate, which has the theme of wickedness.
  • The Passion, a loving Hallow alternate
>>>>The Summoner Rework<<<<<
armor rebalances
Beetle Expansion
What if every typer of weapon had a lunar fragment variant
Bee armor fix
Alchemist class
Dart expansion

Space boss - The Cosmicondor - a true boss for the Space biome
Snow boss - The Alpha - a boss for the Snow biome
Desert - The Sandstorm Serpent - a boss for the Desert biome

Desert and Snow biome antithesis-ation - making these two biomes an antithesis

Summoner and thrower progression fix (DISCONTINUED - More information here.)

Endgame Loafers - Ultimate boots with a stupid name

The Terra Staff & Bow - making other Terra weapons

The Prominence - A solaryoyo

The Vortex Bomber - A bomber empowered with vortexian energy

Nebula Bolt - Command the nebulous forces themselves

Invader Staff - Nice stardust squidward thingy minion

More Shroomite Gear

More Meteorite Items

New ranger armor pre-hardmode

Another take on new set bonuses for the pre 1.2 armors

Spawn with better items

Pre-hardmode gunslinger content galore

Gem Elements

Hardmode guns
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