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tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

Hey Dark Assassin, it seems your mods are outdated. I downloaded the variable potion sickness, Da Lib and Terrariahooks and received an error telling me that they were built for tmodload 10.3 when we're at 11.3. I hope you update your work to function in tmodloader 11. The potion sickness variable is something I always wanted and it's a shame it can't function unless the mods it's dependant on is updated.
You can't. It's for tModLoader v0.10.5 only.
I haven't gotten around to updating my mods for v0.11 yet mainly due to lack of motivation and very low demand.


Suppose I will wait around until they are updated, as I really miss having your variable potion sickness mod (one of the only mods I found to add a way to remove potion sickness completely, or next to completely )


I'd really love to see your TooltipsPlus mod updated/finished/released, if possible.

No worries if you can't or don't want to. Just wanted to express my interest in it.

The main feature that I'm wanting from it is the tooltip backgrounds.

Edit: The recent updates to console added a background to tooltips. So with some luck, this will also become a feature of 1.4 and a mod wont be needed.
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Duke Fishron
I can't find where to report issues, but I was wondering if you could fix one that's been around for awhile.

DA Lib (and Player Resource Bars) rely on TerrariaHooks to work, but that mod has been implemented into regular tModLoader (0x0ade/TerrariaHooks) and thus won't be updated

I was wondering if you could update your mods to reflect this change, as they were some of my favourites.

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