PC De-Sexualized Zoologist

Thank you, I didn't know how to word it properly. I like that someone made an interesting take on a new design for the Zoologist, but saying she is "horribly oversexualized" honestly comes off as rude and misunderstanding to me. Again, I like the design the dude made, but he's just kinda rude about it.
Yeah, I don't think it's necessarily wrong to dislike the Zoologist's design, but I'm not very fond of the whole idea of "the original is awful, mine is better."
I mean, quite a few people find the design a bit off-putting. The main problem for me isn't that the breasts are big, it's more so how exposed they are.
I won't take part in this discussion, there are enough of them already.

Several people, including me, have a big problem with this sprite.
I made a solution for exactly those people, take it or leave it.
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People getting mad about a lack of boobs on pixels is such a Gamer Moment.
That's not really it. I'm just personally confused how she appeared sexualized in any way outside of the context of non-canon fan art that exists outside of the game itself.

Like this sprite is good and neat for people who want her to actually look like a zoologist, but I never saw her sprite as anything other than "normal person clothes", and the "desexualization" angle for promoting this pack feels like a very weird one when what the pack actually does is put her in a stereotypical zoologist/field researcher/explorer outfit.
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