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Story Death Lane

someone that is bunny

Eater of Worlds
Artist Request Conditions
Not Taking Requests
Warning some of the stuff in this story may be scary for younger audiences now to the story

March 4th, 1960
3:45 P.M

It was an ordinary day on maple street, children were playing, adults were gardening. Suddenly screaming could be heard from a house, all the neighbors ran to the house "what is that screaming coming from?" A man's voice can be heard from the crowd, a woman yells "I really hope this is some sick prank." The neighbors open the door and go searching for the girl that was screaming, a man goes searching upstairs and finds scratches on the wall "wth, EVERYONE COME SEE THIS!" He yells, the neighbors then run upstairs and yell "what happened here" a voice shouts out "we don't know" another voice shouts out.

March 5th, 1960
1:03 A.M

A girl that suffers from insomnia walks outside to look at the stars little did she know she would see more than just stars, she looks to the side of her and sees a brown bear type figure walking in the distance it looks at her, she runs upstairs hoping that the thing didn't see her. She lay in bed while panicking. She looks at her window next to her bed and sees the brown figure's face looking through it, she screams although she knows she is a goner. The next morning her neighbor checks on her to see how she is doing, the door is wide open like someone broke into it, he goes into the house to make sure she is ok, little did he know that this would be his worst and last mistake. Two people went missing that day.

March 6th, 1960

Nancy turner was a well known person on Maple street, she always got up at 7:00 A.M to water her plants in her front yard. One day she wasn't seen in the morning. Her neighbor was suspicious about this. He went to Nancy's house to check on her, he was surprised to see Nancy's hand sticking out of the dirt in her yard. Nancy's neighbor fell to the ground and started crying.

March 6th, 1960
10:45 P.M.

A man was about ready to go to bed, he went outside to take a breather. He then saw a yellow duck looking thing dragging a body on the road, he went to follow the yellow thing but was rudely stabbed to death by a purple bunny looking thing. His body lay there until the morning leaving blood all over the streets. His neighbor found his body but before he could even yell he was shot in the back by the brown bear.

March 7th, 1960
3:56 A.M

Tom and Sally Walker were two kids that lived on Maple street. One day they were woken up by footsteps in the halls, they opened their door slowly and went running to their moms and dads room. The room was empty and soon the house would be empty too. A bunny that goes by glitch trap wraps his arms arounds the kids necks, glitch trap had knives in its hand and I think you know what comes next… the names of the most common animatronics were named. The street decided that the yellow one would be chica, the brown bear would be named freddy, the purple one would be named bonnie.

March 8, 1960
6:47 P.M

A man finished dinner and started listening to music in his room he then heard a music box in his bathroom, he went to go explore it. By the time he got to the bathroom the song ended. He then heard something, he looked behind him and there was a puppet. By the time this happened there was already 20 missing person cases. People got even more suspicious of what was happening. One person who thought they knew everything about what was happening died that same day from a "heart attack".

The story of maple street is still growing if you enjoyed pls tell me. More coming soon
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