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I'm not sure if you're actively working on this, still, but if you are, I have a couple of small requests. First, and most minor, could you add uncraft recipes for the light and dark plank walls? Since all the vanilla walls can be made back into wood, it just stands out and makes construction a little more tricky. The second, and related request is this. There's a really nice "wooden panelling" texture that the light and dark plank walls get around the edges. However, I find that there are rarely situations where I can leave a seam to make it appear. I would really love if the panels were a seperate wall type from the planks, so I could actually get to see them in my houses.
Either make the tv rack to require more stuff to make or lower the sell worth. You can get way way to much from only 6 wood.
Speaking of the TV rack, is there a reason why you can't actually place the TV on top of the TV rack? Seems kind of counter-intuitive.

I've been in hardmode for a while now with this mod and I haven't found everything yet. A few recipes elude me (such as old hellforge), and I STILL haven't found the Decorator NPC.

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@Eikester - Tagging to see if there can be some responses to various questions that've been posted on this mod.

It's been a while and I've still been playing with this mod. I went out to try and farm the Eater's Bone, and after a bunch of EoW kills... suddenly a Portable Toilet dropped.

Is this the intended place for the Portable Toilet to be?
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just a small Update
  • Added 8 Mirrors
  • Added old Furnace (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated)
  • Added old Hellforge (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated), dropped by "Wall of Flesh"
  • Fixed missing "directional" for "Upholstered Chair"
  • Moved "Hearts Wallpaper" to Decorators "Wallpaper" Shop
Do I Just use The Provided File??
It's been a long time since there's been any activity here, and to the best of my knowledge, tAPI hasn't been maintained. Much as it sucks (because honestly I really wish I had this stuff still) this mod appears to be defunct.
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