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    Hi everyone!

    I've been playing with around three friends through VPN software, like Hamachi and Evolve, but we found the performance low, with several lag issues. So I decided to start my own homemade dedicated server, directly through the Internet by port fowarding.

    So now I get the server running, a friend joined, and we were testing the gameplay experience. Almost perfect, no problems with latency. While this are good news, I need a bit more, I need to see the numbers. So here comes the first question: How can I test my server performance? How can I see the latency a client have when connecting to my server? Even when this may need that some friends need to do that test. I've tried by doing a ping/tracert command from outside, but I think my ISP is filter the ICMP protocol, because the tracert command stops in some device before reach my network. So I can't use it to know the latency a friend can have to my server.

    Also, there are some more questions:
    • Now I'm running that server in a PC, connected through Wi-Fi. Will be any difference if I put the server in my laptop, connected through Wi-Fi too, from where I play? Difference in network performance only, because my laptop is an Alienware MX14 R2 and can run both client and server without problem.
    • My connection is a 10 Mbps download and 0,8 Mbps upload theoretical, around 8 Mbps download and 0,7 Mbps upload real. Is there any way I can see the traffic of my network/server, so I can see if the lag is actually caused by the lack of upload speed? I would really like to see the kbps my server is using in the network with only one player, then with two, three and so on, so if it in fact only support three players, allow three players and play fine instead being four and become laggy.
    • About the Wi-Fi - Ethernet stuff. Actually I've been testing my network to see the difference between Wi-Fi - Ethernet on my laptop. Only <2 ms of difference in LAN, no packet loss from Internet, and the same speed values above said. Of course, I was the only one really using the network, there was about another 4 devices conected by Wi-Fi but not using it at all -smartphones and a tablet on stand by-. I guess this would change when my server comes up, and have three clients plus myself connected... could be like a mini Star Wars batlle of information in the air. But again, how can I measure it? Depending of the results, I'm planing to connect the server through Ethernet with PLC technology.
    Guess that was all! In summary, numbers, I want numbers! Once I can, I'll test every cases and see how's going. Thank you for you patience reading this post, I hope this better be at least well written, I'm Spanish and still have much to learn ;). If you're spanish too, feel free to send me and MP in Spanish if you want and I'll post related info here.
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    If you are using Windows Vista/7/8, you can start Task Manager, and goto Resource Manager. From there, you are able to choose network and select Terraria.exe to track all incoming/outgoing connections and their bandwidth. Finally, you can use this to compare it to your MAX LOAD.

    This should give you a general idea of how much you can handle. On a recommended scale, you cannot handle more than 8-10 players at a time, on normal activity.
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    Great! Just the utility I was looking for.

    After make a couple test, even being 4 players, when the thing goes hard with bosses and blowing up lava and water pools, one player reports lag issues. I'm starting to think it's problem of his network, because we were generating around 20 KB/s of upload and the ping values of the others seems fine, but with high jitter. Anyways the game itself have a bit problem when blowing up many tiles and liquid pools, they get stuck, hanging in the nothing.

    I will try to change to Ethernet connection and see if it improves in some way.

    Thank you Marcus101RR for your anwser, it has been most helpful :).