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Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by LordSeth, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. LordSeth

    LordSeth Official Terrarian

    When trying to launch the Dedicated Server via the included "start-server-steam-friends.bat" it just permanently gives me the error "Please launch the game from your Steam client." when i use the normal "start-server.bat" it works flawlessly... it WAS working back in but now it just spams me with this steam error.
    Any idea how to fix this? Not a big fan of hamachi and the likes AND it was working flawlessly before... so how do i get it back? ^^

    btw when i kill the server console (as the restart script instantly spouts the "start in steam error" again ^^ theres a brief output of "Steamworks not initialized" in the console before it closes... took a few trys to get a screenshot of the console before it closed...)
  2. Marcus101RR

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    You only use the "start-server.bat", I think the developers missed something when adding those new bat files. Gotta ask them...
  3. LordSeth

    LordSeth Official Terrarian

    Like I wrote. It worked flawlessly with version e.g. the "Steam Friends" version of the .bat so ppl could actually connect via steam and I didn't have to always look up my local IP so they could connect. As I do not have a steady IP or DNS service in Place for my home computer. And i do not plan to just for an occasional terraria game ;)

    But now with version I get the before mentioned error(s)