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Definity Mod

This mod has been a WIP for a few months, and our talented team is working hard on bringing it to you in 2021.
Definity redesigns the Terraria experience around new mechanics, classes, biomes, and a complex subworld planned for post-release
The team believes in quality over quantity and will bring you content to compete with some of the most anticipated content mods around


auburn display tablet big.png

Auburn alloy is made from materials found in the Hot Springs
(post golem, uses Scorched Debuff)
Rusty Set.png

Rusty sprockets drop from steampunk enemies in the Ancient Isles
(post boc/eow, uses Corrosion Debuff)

Venture to the boiling lakes at the edge of hell to wake a dormant deity
(Generates on an outer third of the map when Golem is defeated)
This mystic jungle of flames holds great rewards for the brave
(Generates on world creation, hot springs will generate opposite of it)
The remnants of another world seep into our night sky
(The rift fills a quarter of the space biome)
When creating a world you can choose between Desert or Mesa
(the difference is almost purely an aesthetic change)
The immortal capitol of the great nation that once ruled in the sky
(generates above either the desert or tundra on world creation)

- better rarity, variety, viability, and accessibility for food
- realistic functionality is added to many vanilla furnature items
- food quality ties to cooking skills (ex. overcooked food burns you)

- adult crops become npcs (harvest crops by fighting them)
- new plants, foods, farming tools, weapons, and new mechanics
- new town NPCs (build functional restaurants, factories, and farms)

Elementalist Class


- four new element resources (earth, fire, water, and air)
- element rings (create controlled climate zones that aid in combat)
- familiars (stardust armor inspired minions with unique abilities)


- can be used as items or equipped
- neutralize attacks and block projectiles
- powerful abilities for most shields

Shield Progression
Wood Shield.png
gold shield item.png
platinum shield.png
corrupt bulwalk.png
crimson shield.png
tiki shield.png
auburn shield.png

- there will be 15+ shields in game
- shields can have up to six blocks
- better shields can block more damage

ash beast baby.png
Basic Enemies
ash beast gif.gif
final design.png
wendigo spoiler.png

"When the forest grows dead silent, you know you are being hunted"
(summoned at a shrine at night, triggering the nightmare moon event)
More Bosses
- The Rift
- Pharoah
- Hunters

The Clockwork Tower:
From the hub, which has an entrance in the vanilla world, you can fight through the tower's many
floors and chambers, with bosses on each floor and rewarding loot all throughout!
(Clockwork tower progression is entirely seperate from vanilla boss progression)

Skill Tree
- level up a complex skill tree by beating bosses
- new abilities and techniques with progression for each class
- all classes (including Elementalist) have a single ultimate ability

ore display.png

Prehardmode Ores now feature helmets for each class
(bonuses are minor and don't effect vanilla progression)
NPC Portraits
portrait guide gif.gif

Every Town NPC has their own animated portrait
(portraits also have biome based backgrounds to show where the NPC lives)
Nightmare Texture Pack
EOC resprite open.png
EOC resprite.png

Every vanilla boss has a new creepy design
Redesigns are togglable, and will be featured separately as a texture pack
Biomes with a planned overhaul:
Marble/Granite - worldgen, quartz, electrum
Pyramid Structure - worldgen, content, and boss
Desert - optional variant as Mesa biome
Crimson/Corruption - smaller QOL additions

Expect the following major features:
- Functional Shields
- Cooking Minigames
- Crops and Farming
- Connected Subworlds
- Complex Skill Tree
- Elementalist Class

Join the Definity Mod Discord Server!


Definity (u/DefinityMod) - Reddit

The Team:

Lead Developers:
Blipp#8133 (spritework)
Grayont#4105 (programming)
Universe#7639 (sprites/ost)
OS#3284 (programming)
SpicySpiceSnake#6515 (spritework)
Nogarderson#1112 (spritework)
A44#6949 (music and sfx)
Volcanic#4527 (programming)
AnotherGuy#4755 (programming)
Efcawesome#4423 (programming)
Zetrit#2764 (sound effects)
Jax#4132 (spritework)

Endless Escapade
Ethereal Horizons
Deposed Radiance
Extra Explosives

(links are to associated discord servers)

Forums will only be updated once a week so be sure to keep up to date in the discord server!
Dev applications are open for spriters and programmers, feel free to dm one of the Lead Developers
You can also apply to be a beta tester (find bugs in test builds and give private feedback on content)


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Lookin great for sure. Only criticism is: why are shields melee? why can't they just be an all-class utility?
the shields we have implemented so far deal a small amount of melee dmg when you bump into an enemy. there will be shields that do magic damage too, but shields are their own class! and thank you for the support :)
as usual, super looking forward to the content this mod is gonna bring. the sprite work is excellent, super hyped to see what the bosses will look like too.
the shields we have implemented so far deal a small amount of melee dmg when you bump into an enemy. there will be shields that do magic damage too, but shields are their own class! and thank you for the support :)
ah yeah, that makes sense ig. Also yeah, of course!
Definity's one of the gems in the coal mine that is the tMod community, definitely deserves more recognition than it gets
Nice, Gonna be keeping an Eye on this mod. Hopefully it Goes the right path of Organic gameplay over Boss rush interspaced with ores.
Nice, Gonna be keeping an Eye on this mod. Hopefully it Goes the right path of Organic gameplay over Boss rush interspaced with ores.
me, grayont, and all the devs strongly believe in organic gameplay and fun interactions with mechanics and systems. everything in Definity is built around that :)
Pretty cool mod so far, this mod adds a lot of custom mechanics which is very excellent for a mod.
I like the idea, hope that this mod will be finished soon!
Wow this looks super cool and i like the armor sprites

Edit: actuallly all of them are amazing!

How is this not super popular yet?
Doesn't seem to have made any progress since 2020, that's disappointing, I was looking forward to this one as the content it promised is the good kind of content. But I guess I should have known better when Universe is given control.
But yeah, you can't always rely on a promise

PS: sometime after I posted this message, the mod was confirmed dead in via this message from their server
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