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Delayed Propulsion

To yee or not to yee

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It's a new hook.

The Delayed Propulsion is a hook sold by the mechanic for 5 gold. It acts alot differently than other hooks, as it has 2 forms. Right clicking with it equipped (and when not trying to do something else that requires a right click, such as flipping a switch), it placed a propulsor. Right clicking again would place a new one, and remove the old. Now, pressing e (or whatever you have quick grapple bound to) sends you to the propulsor as long as you are 50 or less blocks from it. You are sent to it at twice the rate of a normal grappling hook, and the hook automatically releases once you reach the propulsor. Good for boss fights as a quick getaway, not good for spelunking.

Sorry if that was confusing, but I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Well, it’s a bit odd, but probably more useful than antigrav/static hook in practice.

I am a bit wary of the universal right click, though. Maybe it would be more suitable as an active item in the hotbar slot. Left click places the repulsor, right click dismisses it, and when a propulsor is out, pressing E will cause your equipped grapple to behave as described. In which case I guess a better name would be “Emergency Tether”?
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