Deleting character called "." deletes all characters.

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Tony Wang, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Tony Wang

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    Deleting a character called "." (without the quotation marks) will cause all characters to be deleted. This is not entirely unexpected, though I had not thought of this before I deleted the character. All I see in my recycle bin is this:
    With no trace of the other characters I once had.
  2. Unit One

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    Hi @Tony Wang, thanks for sharing this info. You can read more here that’s it’s been reported and is fixed for next version. PC - Deleting character named ' . ' deletes ALL characters
  3. Tony Wang

    Tony Wang Terrarian

    Ahh - I tried searching this up to see if it had been reported before but clearly I didn't look hard enough, whoops! Glad it's been identified and fixed though.
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