Deleting Worlds/Characters

Discussion in 'Other' started by ArchV, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. ArchV

    ArchV Terrarian

    I don't know where this suggestion goes, or if it will even be seen here... but...

    Deleting worlds / characters needs to be alittle less error prone, at least on the mobile version. This morning my son "accidentally" deleted his world. He wasn't paying attention and since the trashcan is on the same button as the world itself, he hit that instead of the button. Then automatically hit YES to the warning dialog that popped up before he realized what it was.

    I recommend deleting worlds and characters has the interface MMOs use for deleting; where you have to type DELETE in order for it to go through. You can't accidentally do that :)

    People put ALOT of time into these worlds and characters, so I think it's totally worth it to make deleting explicit.

    Anyway, just a suggestion!
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  2. Feutor

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    I think it's happening very very rarely. And for that bunch of people ? I don't think 505game, relogic or whoever is developing the mobile version is going to do that
  3. Gex004

    Gex004 Skeletron

    they should at least make it a bit more far off of the world's button so we don't hit it on accident
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  4. Dominic11121

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    On the Mobile (iPhone 4S) version, for some reason the thumbnail of the character is one button below where they are supposed to be.