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Story Delirious


Making another story. This time it isn't related to Terraria, it's about something else.
I'm not going to talk much in the beginning, lemme just hop straight into the actual story.
(WARNING: This story is very messed up in some ways)


Alan and his father lived alone. No mother, just his father.
Life was calm for the two. No worries and they lived in a small Neighborhood.
They were both happy. Always.
Until something happened. Alan's father fell to the ground, clenching his forehead.
Alan looked at him, worried, he asked "Are you okay father?"
Nothing happened for about 10 seconds... But then the father's stare turned directly at Alan.
He burst upright and ran into the kitchen. Alan did not know what was going on, but backed up towards the door.

His father screamed for him, then Alan threw open the door and turned to see his father chasing him... With a knife.
Alan was terrified. He hurried and ran around in the woods. He found an opening in the ground to a small Catacomb, he jumped in.

Alan sat on the cold stone, Flashing back on what just happened. But he did not want to wait.
He just wanted to run. Don't stop running. He ran down the maze of corridors and rooms.
Eventually, he found a dull blade on the ground and took it just to be safe.

He continued to run down the corridors. Until something stopped him. He couldn't really tell what it
actually was, That is, until it got close. Too close. It was humanoid shaped, but heavily Mutated and Amalgamated with... Something?
It's eyes were pure darkness. When it got to Alan, it tried to bite him with his 2 mouths. Alan could do nothing about it but run and cry.
More of these figures emerged from the darkness and tried to attack Alan. One of them, he did strike with his Knife, but its arm grew back.

Running and running. He didn't stop. So many things were running through his head. Why did his Father do this? Where
am I? What are these Creatures? How am I going to survive?

He almost slipped right in.

The hole lay in front of him. He didn't know what to do, but he did know he wanted to escape those Monsters and his father.
So he jumped deeper into the Unknown depths.

It wasn't too much longer but he eventually hit the ground. The place he was in looked identical to the last,
but it had more cobwebs and was worn out more.
He felt to put his hands into his pockets but something wasn't right. Where was his clothes?
He must of lost them on the way down the hole. He was more vulnerable now.

He tried to not let it bother him and went on. More figures emerged from the darkness. He kept
doing what he did the entire time. Run and cry.
Eventually, a big door was in front of him. He did stepped in.

Inside, there was something on the ground. He walked up to it. It was a knife, but it was darker
and larger. He ditched the dull one for the new blade. He left the room, greeted by flies and figures once more.
He ran down the corridor and saw another large door, but this one did not seem inviting at all.

Blood was dripping from the entrance of the door. Raspy yells were heard on the other side.
Well, what was he to do now? He was at the point of no return.
He went on.
He walked through the large door and saw another hole on the other side on the room.
Of course, he just wanted to go deeper, after all, he was at the point of no return.
He stepped in, but before he could reach the hole, something stopped him.
At first, it looked like one being, but then something came out from behind it.

It screamed and yelled and charged instantly at him. He had no time to react and
began to run to the door. But it had shut. The other figure appeared behind the large one and spat out
something from it's mouth. He wanted to touch it, but it would probably kill him he thought.

The large figure started running and yelling again. And so did Alan, but the large figure stopped moving to
catch his breath? Alan didn't wait and he sliced the knife at it. It screamed and fell over. The small figure
detached itself from the large one and grew red with anger. It opened it's mouth and shot a large
laser at Alan. He evaded it and threw the knife at it, Slice. Both figured lied on the ground with what seemed to be blood.

He ran for the hole before it got back up.

He jumped down and once more eventually hit the ground.
The room looked a bit different this time

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