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  1. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    So, Toby Fox released another game the other day called Deltarune, a spinoff of Undertale with some cool new mechanics. I noticed that there isn't a thread for discussing this game yet (even if it is still in development), so I thought I'd make one! Feel free to discuss anything about Deltarune here!
  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    My favorite part was when Sans went super saiyan and destroyed my IP address
  3. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

  4. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    Not much really to discuss besides how Ralsei is the best character.
  5. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I can agree with that
  6. CoollDoggyy

    CoollDoggyy Terrarian

    what does look like snas nd liersa or lieruot
  7. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I recently downloaded (deltaruned) DELTARUNE (DOWNLOAD) yesterday. It was pretty tough since it was a year after I last played UNDERTALE (The last being killing Sans 3 times in a row, sorry Sans). I managed to survive Jevil's Devilsknife attack thing (The screen-filling one) but the only one alive was Ralsei so... yeah.
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  8. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I finally beat Jevil (Without being evil)! That means, I CAN DO ANYTHING!
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