Delta's Digital Art Thread

can i request a warrior with blue greaser hair riding a rainbow slime like a mount :naughty: other details are minor to me :)
can you draw my main char killing plantera, here's the pic:

broken pic, new one:
I don't think you need more requests as of now, even though I'd like to make one. I'll just say; keep drawing! Your work and talent is great, and the path you are taking is the right one. Things like shading or anatomy, often told as important, will become better and better with time. You will keep improving by doing what you do, the rest don't matter. I could tell you on what to improve, but there is really nothing wrong with what you've done so far. Continue making characters im various positions, facial expressions, draw some monsters from other videogames, or mess around with landscape or scenery with each drawing. You can get far if yoi strenghten those points!

I've been thinking that someone with the talent to create might not. But someone with the desire to create will. Eventually, that desire, with perseverance, will transform into talent, by practice.

I can see the talent, though! :happy:
Good luck.

I have an art thread myself, though in a different style. I will now try to draw more ^-^
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I'm gonna put Requests on pause for now, until I can get caught up. Sorry everybody that's been waiting, I've been pretty busy these past few weeks.

Thanks for the feedback Samrux :p
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