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WIP [Demi-Class] The Gambler!


So, going to take a crack at making a class idea. I don't actually expect this to make it into the game, but at the very least it's good practice for my balancing and spriting abilities.

Oh, yes, I tried spriting again. I'm sorry.

Anyways, on with the idea.

(Yay for online logo generators! Right?)

The Gambler class is basically going to rely heavily on chance and might actually be useful in killing off some RNG. Who knows. It's not going to be a major class, nor is it going to have it's own type of damage. But that's okay, right?

Too bad.

First Tier:
Ragged Hood (1 Def)
Ragged Shirt (2 Def)
Stained Loincloth (1 Def)
Shirt dropped by zombies (1% chance). All three can be found by breaking those underground skeleton decorations/spider den corpses/other dead humanoid things.
Set Bonus: +5% luck. (I'll explain luck later, when I actually present a weapon that uses it.) NPCs have a chance of giving you coins when you talk to them.

Now, before you start ranting at me: You'll only ever be getting a few coppers and maybe one silver at a time, and can only be done once per day.
Copper coin (1): 50%
Copper coin (3): 25%
Copper coin (5): 15%
Copper coin (10): 9%
Silver Coin (1): 1%
NPCs will also have different lines. I've put a couple examples, feel free to contribute.

Nurse: Take this coin and get out, you filthy mongrel!
Arms Dealer: Get out before I gift you this bullet.
Pirate: Arr, ye best be makin haste lest I run ye through with me cutlass!
Etc. I'm too lazy to put more.

Second Tier:
Party Hat (Oops, I seem to have made this too big. Making things from scratch is hard.) (4 Def) [Tooltip: Let's PARTAAAY!]
Ale Stained Tuxedo (Yay for editing stuff!) (7 def)
Ale Stained Tuxedo Pants (More editing!) (6 def)

Set Bonus: Luck increased to 10%. Tipsy no longer lowers defense and provides an additional 5% increase in Melee damage and Speed

Going to absolve a sin while I'm at it here. Let's give the party girl some use rather than just being a good supply of cheap bullet material.
And some motivation to throw a party.
Before we start: Ale should be placeable. I'll get to why in half a second.

This armor will be obtained in a rather unique way. You'll need the party girl and a set of Tuxedo armor (Equipped in the armor slot, not vanity) for this. Also beer.
Now, if the house the Party Girl is living in is party themed enough (AKA empty mugs and ale, as well as a keg and whatnot), and you talk to her while wearing your Tuxedo set...

Party Girl: "Oh no, my beer! Nooo! Oh, sorry about your hat. Here, you can have this."
Then your tuxedo turn into their ale stained form, and your top hat is replaced with a party hat.

This would require at least 1 mug of ale placed, as well as a certain number of other things (such as kegs and empty mugs). Don't have a specific number.

NPCs will also have new lines for this as well. A few examples:
Party Girl: Woo, party! / That was some party, wasn't it?
Cyborg: Get that ale AWAY from me!
Truffle: I grow on water, not that disgusting mixture you call beer.
Arms Dealer: You got any of that beer left?

Third(?) Tier
Hey, he's here! Finally! You're late.

Golden Top Hat

10 Defense, +5% Luck

Golden Tuxedo

12 Defense, +5% Luck

Golden Tuxedo Pants

8 Defense, +5% Luck

Set Bonus: +5% Luck, Throwable Hat

"'Throwable hat'?" I hear you say. Be quiet and I'll explain. (That rhymes.) (Kind of.)

Basically, if you have an empty hand, right clicking will throw out your golden top hat (in a boomerang style manner). It does 40 damage, is not changed by damage modifiers, pierces, and inflicts Midas. (For comparison, Bananrang does 40 damage as well.) You will also be able to throw the normal Top hat if it's in your hand, or throw a second Golden top hat that you're not wearing because it's more fun this way. I dunno. However, while your top hat is out there, it disappears from your head, and you lose it's defense and luck. Once it returns you'll get your stats back.

Woo, weaponized hats! (I like weaponizing stuff.)

Does anyone know exactly what the limit is for text/images before images start breaking? In my preview it's certainly not working...
Ah well. I'll fix it later, when I'm ready to post.

I suppose this idea's in a half-functional form. I'll be adding new weapons and at least one more armor tier later.
EDIT: And the last armor is going to be the one for all the RNG. Cliffhanger :D



Gambler's Dice



Tooltip: Take a gamble!
Use time: 30
Luck based

Now, I bet you're thinking, "Hey, look, light/dark shards have a new use! They must be part of some new superunique weapon!

Haha, no. It's another flail. Stop looking at me like that.

You'll have noticed that I haven't provided any DMG stats. Because it's about LUCK.

Upon using the flail; two flails will shoot out in opposite directions. They look like dice on chains. (Duh.)
For clarification: the second flail direction will be as if you bounced the flail off a wall.

That was terrible clarification. Going to get paint.

Like this!

That's actually not much better, is it. Oh well.

Each flail will row a random number. Mind you, it's not going to be very fair... The chances of a Six are much lower than an One.

Damage will be [(Flail1 + Flail2)/2 * 10] Order of operations is crucial here. The lowest damage is five, the highest is 60. (60 is naturally going to be very rare.) It does pierce through stuff, like pretty much every not-punching flail.

But there's no real reason to use this right now, is there? Its an unreliable flail. Let's give them a little bonus for rolling a double.
Snake Eyes (Double 1s): 3 snakes leap out of each and bite the nearest enemy (10 damage each)
Double 2s: Each flail shoots out two more flails, although these are smaller, deal half the damage the original does, and does not roll a number.
Double 3s: Any enemy hit by the flail will have On Fire inflicted on them for 8 seconds.
Double 4s: Any enemy hit by the flail will have Frozen! inflicted on them for 8 seconds.
Double 5s: Each flail homes in on the nearest enemy.
Double Sixes: Each dice explodes upon impact, as well as giving the player the ability of the Lucky Coin for 10 seconds. Make it rain!

You know, I really should have saved all that for a Judges Hammer or something (SSBB, Mr Game and Watch). Oh well, maybe I'll add it anyways.
1: 40
2: 30
3: 15
4: 10
5: 3
6: 2
Read the Luck section for info.
Caps at:
1: 2
2: 3
3: 10
4: 15
5: 30
6: 40
Yeah, I basically just reversed it.

Now I feel like I can actually explain luck. Here we go.
No images here as it's a mechanic. Feel free to skip over if you're lazy.

Basically: Luck will increase the probability of doing more damage with luck based weapons, as well as raising your crit chance and drop rate (Hey, I did mention RNG earlier.)

Get the easy stuff out the way. (When I say luck I mean the percent it is as a as a decimal. AKA 7% = 0.07.)
Crit Chance:
Crit chance is calculated first, then you multiply it by (1+(luck)). So, say you had a crit chance of 50%, and luck 25%. That would be 50 x 1.25 = 62.5% crit chance. Can not be increased past 100 (I'm not entirely sure that's even possible with current equipment, but JIC)

Same with RNG. (Shut up, I know it hasn't really solved anything major. I'm getting there. Later.)

As for luck based weapons: Every % of luck you have removes 1% chance off the lowest option and bumps the next best option up 1%. Every % after that will keep moving it up from the lowest to the highest.

I.E: With the dice:
1: 40
2: 30
3: 15
4: 10
5: 3
6: 2
(All are percents.)
1% of luck would bring it to:
1: 39
2: 31
all others are same.
1: 38
2: 31
3: 16
and so on. When the best option reaches it's cap, it then starts piling up to the next best one. Rinse and repeat.

Something went SERIOUSLY wrong with the spriting of this. I took art class for five years and I can't draw a box.

Okay... anyways...
Found in

Ranged Damage
20 Damage
Fast use time (15)

Special stuff:
Fires out a suit symbol (Diamond, Club, Heart, Spades).

Diamond: Piercing
Club: Nothing
Heart: Charm (Hold on a second)
Spades: Piercing + 10 extra damage
(More shameless pulling images from the net!)

Charm is a bit of a unique effect. Basically, it allows you to turn a monster over to your side...

HOWEVER: There ARE a few requirements.
The monster must be under 5% health. See if you can manage that.
Monster cannot be a boss. Duh.

Also for balance: Monster's attack is halved, and all nearby not-charmed enemies will immediately attack a charmed monster. You will still be able to attack a charmed monster. Every time the monster takes damage, it has a low (1/30?) chance to break free of it's charm. (So don't think you can just charm a bunch of paladins to fight for you.)

Diamond: 40
Club: 40
Heart: 10
Spade: 10

For now, cap is that but reversed (see the Gambler's Dice for an example), which stays until I feel like it's unbalanced.

My sprites didn't fail completely this time.
(Better sprite made by @Everybody
Alright, lemme explain why there are three blades. First though: Crafting + Stats
Crafted at Demon Altar with:
40 Damage
Use time: 30
(I was considering using the Keybrand for this, but chose not to because the current recipe still doesn't leave use for the Keybrand as a weapon.)

When crafted, the sword will be in it's inert form, shown on the left. It functions as a... decent would be stretching it, wouldn't it? weapon, but that obviously can't be all, right?

Of course not, I sprited three swords, I'm using three swords.
And no, it's not a material.

When you right click while wielding this sword, you get to toss it straight up into the air, spinning (think TNE's Projectile, but faster (Actually, think Ike's Aether Sword throw from SSBB. I couldn't find a GIF.)). Once it hits either a block or it's max height (10 blocks), it falls back down into your hand.
That's still not all though. Sprites still unused.

Now, when you toss it, at the peak of it's throw there's a chance that it activates into one of it's two more powerful forms. However, the sword must go at least five blocks upwards. Luck sheet below.
No change: 90%
Blade of the Sea: 5%
Blade of the Land: 5%

Both the enhanced blade's chances will stay equal. For each % of luck a player has, it takes one off the normal sword and puts 0.5% onto each special blade. No cap.

Both the special blades last for ten seconds or until you're out of combat, whichever one comes last. (or you throw it up again.)

Increased Melee Speed
60 damage
Shoots water projectiles (too lazy to sprite)
If you throw it, it becomes a homing projectile, attacking the nearest enemy and then moving on to the next one (Even if the first enemy isn't dead.) Initially can only target things above you, although it's chain attack might end up hitting things next to you. (I.e if there's a zombie coming and the skies are clear, don't throw the blade.)

(This will probably need to be seriously nerfed)

80 damage
Throwable in all directions
Once it reaches the peak of it's throw, goes plummeting down at an insane velocity until it hits the ground (or gets too far away.). When it makes impact, deals a bunch of area damage to anything nearby (thinking five blocks radius?)

And you might be wondering "wtf M2, its a ten percent chance how are regular melee players supposed to use this?"
Well, they can keep throwing it into the air or get a new weapon. Geez. The point is that you're supposed to depend on luck here.
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Lots of interesting things here... Little strange :). Doesn't sound like its own class... More of a class add on, mostly to melee. Also, maybe make the cards a mage item? Seems more logical. Support!
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Duke Fishron
Can't say I'd use any of that, but it's ok. Still unclear with the flail though. Seems to be getting better support than my class idea.


(Yay for online logo generators! Right?)

Sivath doesn't necessarily like many class additions, but this one caught Sivath's eye, but Sivath kinda skimmed through this post and noticed the Gambler's Dice weapon and Sivath instantly liked this idea.

Sivath is usually very unlucky but maybe this will help Sivath?
Sivath would like to see some if not all of these suggestions into the game.
Sivath will now roll a dice to see if Sivath approves fully, moderately, or minimally.
*Rolls dice*
Sivath rolled a 6. So Sivath gives this suggestion a 6/6.
Sivath approves.
*Cue Sivath's Seal of Approval.*
Sivath said Cue Sivath's Seal of Approval!
Fine Sivath will do it himself!


Thank god someone thought of this masterpiece! Full approval! Only thing I need to say is that we need a Oogie Boogie Man vanity as a reference - maybe Re-Logic might ask for permission to use it? I don't know.
Very interesting ideas. Not sure how well they could be incorporated into the game proper, but it'd make for an awesome mod or something.
9/10 would support. ^_^


Official Terrarian
Lucky Horseshoe should have a place in this, along with the Lucky coin.

Otherwise, it's one nice suggestion. Support!
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