1. Den-Official

    Den-Official Terrarian

    Hello! I make various detailed builds. I hope you enjoy!
    A Nature Dome for someone special.

    Home sweet home :>

    An oriental build.

    A floating island.

    Lovely Night

    One of my first floating islands


    Another nature build

    Another floating island

    Home sweet home V.2

    Speeder Bike from Star Wars

    Rey's Speeder

    The Ark from Starbound

    The Outpost from Starbound

    Gingerbread House

    Winter Globe for someone special on Eva.

    P.S. I currently have no world download for these (I build them on servers). Though I might consider building on single player in the future, so I can share it.​
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  2. EXRibbon

    EXRibbon Spazmatism

    oh my lord 0_____0 these are beautiful ;u;
  3. Arlwiss

    Arlwiss Skeletron Prime

    Dude. Too good.
    Are you one of the builders on, which one was it, Aurora? The server with amazing builds in the VIP area
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  4. Den-Official

    Den-Official Terrarian

    I'm a helper on Aurora. I usually build on Vindictus since it's my home server. :>

    Also, I like your builds. :D
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  5. Arlwiss

    Arlwiss Skeletron Prime

    Oh, thank you, but they've never been quite that good. Only like half of the NPC islands actually look good, and I don't really have time to bother to rebuild the others because I've got a pet project named P.I.P.E.S that takes all of my time.
    Most of the things need improvement, I'm surprised you like them - thanks for which!

    BREKVIS Terrarian

    I like the concept of that tiny floating island alot :D great work!
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  7. Den-Official

    Den-Official Terrarian

    Thanks a lot :>
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  8. shobiwan77

    shobiwan77 King Slime

    Wow! These are amazing! You do a very good thing at making things look natural.
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  9. Rariaz

    Rariaz Plantera

    hey that's amazing. GJ
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  10. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    All these builds are really cool and atmospheric. Especially liking the first one. :happy:

    It'll be hard to not confuse your thread with the original Creation Compendium, haha.
  11. terrarilol

    terrarilol Terrarian

    Where are these builds? You should open a world with all of them in it! They are beautiful
  12. Den-Official

    Den-Official Terrarian

    I usually build on Vindictus Server.
  13. Sarkan

    Sarkan Terrarian

    wow thats so cool
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  14. BeePy

    BeePy Terrarian

    Good Work Den :D
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  15. Red Slime

    Red Slime Official Terrarian

    This is some really good stuff... I can't understand how you have the patience to place so many different blocks to make a single material, wood for example.

    Love it!
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  16. Nice job.
  17. FlareK

    FlareK Terrarian

    Wow. These are stunning. The amount of detail on them is just fantastic! Is there any way we could receive a world download for these? Or for the entire server or something? I just really want your builds on a single player world!
  18. Den-Official

    Den-Official Terrarian

    Hello! Sorry for the late response. I usually build on Saybrook's Planet SSC server (Some of them are in the creative server "Port:7779"). Though I don't have world downloads for these. :( In the future I'll try to start building in single player, so I can upload the world files here if you want. :D
  19. Ingodia

    Ingodia Terrarian

    I swear, this could be the actual Outpost... How do you do those 3D effects so well Den!?
    Also, are you ever going to be doing the penguin-bar-basement-hideout part of the place?

    Amazing builds, all of them, by the way.
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  20. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    The contrast between the pretty, quirky noise of your older builds and the precision and clever detailing, especially in the Outpost piece, of the more recent works is really interesting. That shows a lot of creative versatility.
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